What OK Google is good for?

 “Ok Google, Send a text to Hannah I am running late for the meeting. Catch her later”.

Have you ever noticed someone around you talking and instructing his mobile phone?

This instruction or any other instruction rings some bell to you?

 Does this sound familiar to your ears?

If you want to make your life at ease and command your android phone/tablet to help you in various ways, then the modern-day gennie, the helpful OK GOOGLE is must to be used by you.

With OK Google, artificial intelligence has become more of a reality than fantasy. It has successfully made its way into our lives and homes without disturbing the drapes.  With its user-friendly interface, it has the ability to communicate in a conversational manner.

In this era of technology, it is time to command your instructions with your voice. Be a techie or not, if you have Ok Google on your Android phone or tablet, switch to use your voice as commanding officer to instruct and also to get answers to your questions.

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From dialing a call to knowing about weather conditions, setting reminders to inquiring about weather conditions, navigating about the shortest route to your office to know about the value of your shares in the stock market, Ok Google carries the answer to all questions.

How to Activate OK Google

OK Google can be easily activated with the help of these simple steps on your android phone or tablet.

  • Press and hold Home Button
  • Go to setting < Assistant
  • Select your phone/tablet
  • Turn on Google Assistant < Activate Voice Match
  • Follow the steps to match your voice

Here are the five ways; your tech Gennie Ok Google can help you in making your life easy and tension free.

Manage your Communication & Messages

Ok Google is the smartest assistant to manage your daily communication and important messages. From now on, whenever you want to make a call to a friend or a colleague from your workplace, let OK Google be your operator. Just command it to call anyone listed in your contacts and sit back to wait for the call to be picked.

Texting your mum from your office informing her about your late arrival or to a buddy for Saturday night meet up plan would have never been easy as it is now with the assistance of OK Google.

Now you can send whatever you want to without lifting a single finger. Just command your virtual assistant to “text” followed by the name of the one you want to connect with. Tell it your message; your dictated text would be displayed on your phone screen. If you want to make any changes, you can ask to edit and then send it.

Setting Reminders

There is no excuse for forgetting.

Are you the One who is mostly in big trouble for being forgetful? Undoubtedly I am !!

Whether it is about remembering birthdays of siblings or buddies, forgetting mom’s orders to bring something home; I am always a good target for penalties because of my bad memory.

But now I have found angelic Ok Google to save me. You can also save your sinking boat by Setting Reminders through instructing OK Google in your melodious voice “OK Google, set a reminder”.  Answer the assistant’s questions to set the reminder.

It will prove the best assistance to you to keep a record of everything. After setting a reminder, you can ask “Ok Google, show me my reminders”. It will give you a list of your set reminders.

Reminders can also prove helpful in businesses. Creating an event, scheduling a meeting or setting alarms everything is just at the distance of a voice command.

Gmail Via OK Google

 Sending or finding emails via this tech gennie has become easier than ever.  You can smartly send an email by instructing OK Google by asking it to “Send Email to (Contact Name), Subject (your subject), and Message (your message).

Trust me it will act way more efficient than your Personal Assistant.

Finding an email was never easy as it has become Via Ok Google. Just instruct it to “find my email from “contact name” show me the email about the “subject line”. It will find your required email within fraction of a second.

Take help of OK Google to assist you in your child’s HW

I don’t remember how many times, my younger brother had asked my mother about something for which she had no clue, and she had to take help from Google. Now she had made it hassle-free for herself with the help of friendly OK Google.

From setting study timers to ensuring better concentration and productivity, she instructs Ok Google to help her in knowing the geometric sequence. She commands, “Ok Google, what is the formula of geometric sequence?” it not only helps her knowing it but also searches helpful YouTube videos on it and displays it on her phone.

Definitely, you will also be indebted to Ok Google for assisting you in solving complex mathematical equations and hacks.

Turn your home into Smart Home

How does the machinery of a home operate?

Mother sitting on a sofa or walking behind the maid, running behind kids to tell them about the importance of saving electricity, turning off extra lights and fans, complaining about the heating system, etc.

Google Assistant in your Google Home devices has laid the foundation of a smart home where you can control many things with your voice. You can manage lights, heating, sending Movies to your TV or a lot more things.

Here are the few perks being offered by Ok Google. Send a friend request to Ok Google by activating it in your phone and trust me you will fell in love with this charismatic assistant who can manage every department of your life efficiently.

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