The 5 Warning Signs Your Top Salespeople Are Going to Leave Your Organization

There is a famous quote that people don’t leave companies rather they leave bosses. During my sales trainings, I meet so many people who complain about their bosses while their companies are the best in the industry. I would amend the above quote a little to make it more biting and meaningful.

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Boss has to be a mentor but some bosses are tor-mentors. Managing your boss is a tricky job. They leave no opportunity to make corporate life hell. There are 5 clear signs when your top performers are going to jump off your organization.

  1. Networking: If an introvert and sales-centric employee has become conscious of networking all of a sudden, it is a clear sign that he is on a mission to create job opportunities for himself outside the organization. I have personally observed people to join offline and online professional forums when they had decided to move on. Since corporate world is inter-woven, their engagement with forums cannot remain hidden.
  2. Mute Mode: Some employees are very active, engaged and vocal at company meetings and they get labeled as bad guys by seniors because of their voice. When bad guys start behaving like good guys all of a sudden, take it as a warning that they have planned to leave you. They have muted their voice; they are withdrawn; they take least interest to push up their ideas because mentally they have already left the company. It is a serious sign and companies should pay heed and start engaging their disgruntled employees.
  3. Social Media Activity: I see senior business executives almost dormant on LinkedIn. They rarely post anything on professional networking forums. If your key sales employee updates his profile picture, job description and highlights his achievements at LinkedIn, don’t ignore his activity. He has planned to jump off the ship. Their LinkedIn activity at this stage is quite rigorous and engaging. He would post his opinions many times a day to get noticed in the right circles.
  4. If your employee is extra-ordinarily dressed and comes late to office or takes a short break during middle of the day or leaves early, it is a potent sign that he has met or meeting someone for job interview today.
  5. The Guest Mode: Sales people who have decided to leave you have no interest in long term plans and 2025 vision of the company. Their maximum vision will be to close next quarter on a good note. Guests have no interest in long term goals of the company rather their focus is to exit peacefully and professionally

If you find someone in your organization with these signs, it is time to engage your star performers.

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