The Success Story of a Budding Digital Entrepreneur of Gujranwala

Muhammad Asif, 23, son of a small grocery shop owner, just completed his BCS (Bachelors in Computer Science). He hails from Gujranwala, city known for food and wrestlers.

Asif’s passion to earn money online developed when he was in first semester of BCS. He had no guidance, no particular skill but he had one thing, fire in the belly. Started meeting his friends and class mates to discuss his passion and they mocked at him and some said that only scammers earn money on internet. He started exploring various avenues of earning online. He browsed hundreds of articles and watched hundreds of videos on YouTube. The more he explored the internet, the more confused he became. He started jumping from signing up at one site to another. Sometimes he was exploring e-bay and sometimes he was learning science of blogging and SEO. He was confused and cluttered in his efforts and defocused in his efforts.

Call it his luck or manifestation of law of attraction. He enrolled in batch #14 of How to Earn Money Online program conducted by Fiverr guru, Fahad Aslam Khokhar, in December 2017. He had nothing to sell at Fiverr but he selected “Logo Designing” as his gig. He was not designer and he had no passion to learn designing. Instead of opting for Digital Worker he preferred to become Digital Entrepreneur. He learnt the art of selling skills at Fiverr and outsourced the orders to his own friends at 25% of what he was charging from his customers. With excellent customer service, he started getting business regularly. Now many designers work for him.

I saw his success story at a freelancing Facebook group and called him personally. I found him extremely passionate. He has completed his BCS and now he wants to go full throttle. He has planned to hire digital workers of various skills to outsource them assignments.

Asif is a budding digital entrepreneur. When most of the youth wastes their time on aimless browsing and aimless use of social media, he is building a fortune at internet. During my telephonic conversation with him, he said:

“During my studies, I started earning many times more than what the BCS graduates of my university earn after graduation”.

How to Earn Money Online is our 7 days online program. We train professionals, students, housewives and retired people to create mainstream or second stream of income. There are only 4 requirements to enroll in this program:

  1. Computer (Desktop/Laptop)
  2. Steady internet connection
  3. Basic Written English Skills
  4. Fire in the belly

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