Stop Aging: 7 Effective Hacks

Aging—a reality hard to accept which is wished to be an ordeal but not impossible to deal with. Graying hair, opening pores, loosing skin, pigmentation, freckles, weight gain, and the list goes on…Oh God, this horrible aging scene must be a nightmare!!!

Everyone living on this planet wants to be young and beautiful forever but the fear of aging starts haunting us as soon as we enter our forties. It is, in fact, a network of correlated factors that not only include above-mentioned symptoms but also a number of chronic physical and mental health conditions ranging from blood pressure to diabetes, from cardiovascular issues to cancer, etc.

Generally, we only focus on apparent aging factors that act as a threat to our physical beauty and neglect chronic illnesses.

As soon as we notice any brown spot, large pores or loose skin, we rush for a Cosmetologist, who we believe, is a blessing in disguise, and carry solution to all our problems in his magical toolbox but reality is this, that we can not only maintain but also strengthen our physical beauty and bodily health by effectively pausing aging and as a value-added benefit we can successfully avoid any kind of chronic disease by following these 7 effectively simple yet wondrously healthy habits.

1-Eat Well, Stay YOUNG

A healthy diet is the first step towards our never-ending quest for an everlasting youthful glow. Make sure to have a balanced diet that contains an equal proportion of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Do not forget to take tea as it reduces the risk of wrinkles and cancer.


“Eat not to fill your stomach but to feed your skin.”

Eating healthy is neither complicated nor to be convoluted. It just demands to be careful about consuming foods that actually help us grow not to age. Make your diet plan wisely as it is the first stop on the road to prevent aging and assuring long-lasting youth.

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While eating, remember Mitchell’s 100 dollars saying

“The more you chew, the slower you eat and the more time your body has to register fullness.”

Include grapes in your fruit bowl as the powerful antioxidant found in grapes help to prevent premature aging.

2-Stay Hydrated, Eliminate Toxins

Drinking plenty of water to maximize our physical performance and to eliminate the risk of aging early is a proven way to look young and have a sparkling glow. Believe that water is a magical nutrient to keep our skin fresh and glowing. It keeps our body hydrated and flushes all hazardous toxins which cause aging and gives us an angelic healthier appearance.

So do not forget to carry your water bottle with you wherever you go.

3-Exercise, Walk and Creative Outlook of Life

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’ No matter how busy we are, we should not forget to take time for ourselves. There is no excuse for skipping exercise and walk as both these ensure our physical as well as mental health and also keep us away from stress and help us to develop a positive view of life.

Having a positive creative outlook of life is an essential key to prevent aging because it really helps to unlock the barred doors.

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4-Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Since our childhood, we sing and listen to this rhyme even before understanding it. Yes, it is really necessary to follow this incomparable advice to be healthy, energetic and forever young.

Sleeping early keeps us healthy, makes us happy and reduces stress means we are blocking a door of aging by sleeping early.

Rising early makes us deal with life in the best possible way and also brightens our chances of being successful but the platinum effect of sleeping and rising early is that this effectively slows down the aging process and helps us to look younger and better.

5-Cut Down on Sugar and Scale Back on Salt

Consider sugar jar and salt shaker as Principal Villains on your dining table.

For staying healthy and prevent aging, it is a must-follow rule to cut down on sugar and scale back on salt. To maintain our body weight, energy, and beauty, we need to say a strict no to all bakery items and restaurant foods.                

Fruits, vegetables, and dairy are natural resources to fulfill our body’s need for glucose so replacing sugar jar with a bottle of organic honey and a jar filled with jaggery is a must to do step towards ensuring radiant skin and healthy lifestyle.

While cooking, make sure to prepare food with less salt, exclude canned vegetables, processed foods, restaurant meals, frozen entrees, and sauces. Confirm availability of fresh vegetables, organic dairy products, and prefer unsalted fresh food over snacks.

6-Surround Yourself with Good People

‘Since we are who we meet, the people around us make a huge difference in how we age and feel.’ Happiness is contagious. To defy aging, it is mandatory to keep the company of those who make us happy.  

Contentment, happiness, laughter, and the company of good people are the favorite nutrients and magical remedies for anti-aging and staying young forever.

7-Let’s Start together to STOP Aging

Now after strategizing our plan to avoid aging, it’s time to travel on this road to achieve the target of getting rid of aging effectively and making it stay permanently in our life.  If anyone thinks, it can be done fortnightly then this perception needs to be corrected. Road to pause aging is hard to travel but surely it is the road that must be taken. If you have determination and will to be smart and cheat aging then believe this universal fact that slow and steady wins the race. 

Sara Baig is food enthusiast and a personal development writer. She is M.Phil in English Literature and works as at PakTurk Maarif International College.

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