Top 10 Small Business Ideas under $1000

Tired of your 9 to 5 job? Thinking of starting your own small business but don’t have any idea? Have some bucks in the bank? Want to invest in the future? Do you want to see yourself as a successful entrepreneur in 5 years time? Do you have a fire in your belly? If the answer to all the questions is a big YES then my dear friend continues reading. You might thank me later!

You might be wondering now. What do I need to become an entrepreneur? If saving for rainy days is your habit then step 1 is already done. You need to have around $1000 to change your life. Do not rub your eyes! You read it right!

The List of Small Business Ideas:

With these $1000, you have many options to become an entrepreneur. Let’s dig deep into some of the best options you have!

1- Barbershop or Beauty Parlor

We all know how obsessed we are when it comes to looks. Call it societal pressure or the key to success although I disagree with the latter we are all “beauty conscious”. So yes capitalize on this and earn some money.

Invest in a good place. Do not expect to compete with the big wigs of this industry immediately. Rent a nice comfortable small place which can be easily maintained. This is because you are a start-up. Also, make sure to buy quality products. There are many American brands nowadays which are famous for quality.

If you are well-versed in these skills, good for you but if not then you need to be smart while hiring. Try to hire someone who is struggling but is good at the art.

2- Events management

With the never-ending wedding season and various events happening throughout the year you can become an event planner. Since our people go on to spend more than their budgets on a single wedding just because “What will people say?”, you can be their affordable shining knight in armor!

This is a good way to earn but you might need references and some work before people trust you and hire you. So hire a team who might have worked on events before and list down your strengths as a team.

Use those points to convince your clients and give it your best shot. Moreover, invest in a good video or some pictures for your social media pages. Who knows you might be featured as the best event management start-up.

3- Career Counseling Firm

In our country, the biggest dilemma of our youth right now is that they are unaware of their future. Without proper guidance or a vision, our young lot is indulging in dangerous activities.

Or some of them are made to pursue careers which parents choose for them. But it might not be their choice!

Currently, there is a huge scope in this industry since there are not many established businesses which are carrying out this service. Only schools and colleges are conducting sessions but there is a lack of proper guidance.

So get ready to start this service. You can even start from the spare room or drawing room of your home thus saving on rent of space. Connect with people, conduct some research and remember the basics such as fees structures, programs offered, duration.

4- E-commerce Store

The online shopping saga has been a huge success in Asian countries. We are all aware of how gained huge success and many others joined the league following their footsteps. There are two ways to gain entry in this business:

  • Contact an E-commerce partner

For this, you will need to get in touch with a software house and tell them that you need to start an online store. These days it is easier to get in touch with suppliers and know the product quality plus research can also be a great help.

After finalizing your set-up start focusing on your social media channels to let people know about you.

  • Sell on available marketplaces

There is another option of selling your product by pairing up with the giants of online market. For instance, you can start selling with by simply setting up an account with them.

As per my observation, customer service is the only way through which you can be really successful in the online market place. So be polite while dealing with your customers and handle criticism positively. Also, B=be careful while formulating the return and exchange policy.

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5- Adventure Travel Club

 Are you a fan of adventures yourself? DO you love traveling? If yes then this is the best business idea for you. But try to think of a differentiating aspect between your business and regular adventure places.

Do some good research to find places which are not yet explored by people but is a great source of adventure. Market yourself in a decent manner through social media and get rolling in! However, you need to ensure that people enjoy themselves and leave good reviews for your business.

6- Photographer

Do you have a knack for photography? Are you the person who can click good pictures? If yes then all you need to do is invest in a good camera and upload some awesome photos with a nicely articulated caption on social media. Woah you are all set to fly!

Yes, there is a huge earning potential in this business if you are a pro at it. Just invest in a good quality camera which you can also buy on installments. Also, notice what other photographers are doing to differentiate from others. Come up with your signature style, and market yourself properly.

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7- Home-based cooking

Nowadays many people are looking for clean and healthy food at economical prices which are prepared at home rather than ordering from restaurants or dining out since it causes a big hole in the pocket.

So if your cooking skills can make people lick fingers and your presentation skills are also decent then you are in for surprise. Just upload some of the best dishes you prepare and upload on social media.

This also goes for those of you who are good at baking or creating fondant cakes. Since people, these days like their cakes customized there is a huge potential in this industry if you are really a master chef!

8- Arts and crafts

The hype of celebrating baby showers, bridal showers, theme-based functions such as mehndi, birthday parties, rung parties, gifts wrapping, card making etcetera there is a huge market for props, decoration and customized items.

If you are such a person who is good in these crafts you can really earn well if you invest in a little marketing on social media and show-off your work properly.

9- Tuition center

If you are a teacher and have a good reputation in this field then you are all set for this business. This has been the most profitable business for many years. With the addition of online tuition as well there is still a huge scope in this industry. You can teach any level or a subject and establish yourself in that. In a matter of time after you earn some fame, there is nothing which can stop you.

10- Property Dealing

Property dealing is not just a business it is an art of communication and selling. You can earn from both sides after you get a deal finalized and with a little investment.

But the work requires some prior experience in the field. Get yourself connected with anyone doing good in the business before you directly jump into the pool. A free tip from me to reduce your competition is to try this online rather than just starting a property center in your locality. 


With determination, research and passion you can start any business you want to with $1000. The key areas which need attention for start-ups are marketing, customer satisfaction, after-sales services and investing in quality products.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill Gates

Moreover, you also need to learn from the big wigs of your business. Follow them closely and try to grasp their ways. You can also be like them one day if you put your heart to your passion.

Be prepared for facing obstacles and difficulties in the start but if you overcome them you will definitely succeed If you ensure these things your business can touch the sky and you can become an entrepreneur! Good luck with finding your passion and getting started with it!

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