5 Reasons to Marry a Freelancer?

The country ranked 4th among fastest-growing freelance markets on planet comes up with a gigantic number of unmarried people constantly on rise. No wonder why PEMRA bans promotion of Valentine’s day every year.

When I opted to become a freelance writer back in 2014, I had no idea about the horrific consequences of being single. Yeah! It is indeed a tough job.

Let me explain.

If you are a self-employed person or working from home, you must have faced questions like:

  • Beta! What you have been doing these days?
  • What do you do for a living?

Trust me, if you answer that you are a “freelancer”, there is no way that old chap is going to hand over his daughter in your name.

At that mucky moment, what you will see is a pure form of skepticism on his face. And if you didn’t, trust me, your expected father-in-law is either uneducated or he is himself a freelancer.

The moment you will use the term “online earning”, you have already lost the game.

You cannot explain your profession to your parents, and rishtay wali aunty as well.

That is the phase when you might even think about switching your career and you might think if you are in the wrong profession.

Trust me, you are not.

Freelancers are the strongest building blocks of this nation. The idea of working from home invaded every house in Pakistan. We are lucky that we played our part in it through our training as well. The one who doesn’t understand you is to be pitted. The one who makes fun of you is also to be pitted.

There are pros and cons of this career for sure but it’s worthful for a long-term relationship.

Dear Girls! The reasons to marry a freelancer is a wonder-list.

1- Spending more time with family:

A better work-life balance is one of the major perks enjoyed by freelancers. A freelancer will spend more time with children. More social activities are expected to occur in this relationship. Most importantly, nobody could miscommunicate him about factors causing domestic conflicts.

2- Mobility and ease of access:

Freelance work enables one to be independent. Whenever you need to go on a vacation, all he needs to carry is a laptop. He doesn’t need to take permission from a boss. He doesn’t face any office politics that could have indirectly affected your life.

[The Success Story of a Budding Digital Entrepreneur of Gujranwala]

3- He loves his job:

When love and skills work together, expect a masterpiece. A freelancer is a freelancer by choice. He has a got a creative mind and loves what he is up to. Your husband could be in a better phase of self-actualization where he is quite aware of his potential. All this collectively contribute to peace of mind and a good relationship.

4- More Benjamins in your pocket:

His freelance profile is an asset that he is building. His business is saleable down the road. The exerted effort on his profile is not only rewarded through the income being generated at the moment but also through the massive list of clients that would eventually lead to financial freedom. Keep an eye on sale at Khaadi or Sana Safinaz.

5- Every day is a Sunday:

Freelancers are not early birds but night owls. They do not work according to the clock. You can watch late night Hum TV dramas and you should not be worried if he might get late from office in the morning.


Our society doesn’t lack creativity but fails to identify creative opportunities. Break the shackles of your mind. Freelancing is a serious profession that has to be dealt seriously. Marrying a freelancer is no less than fun. I work every day but still, my wife calls me wella (idle). That is just because I don’t seem to work. That’s the beauty of this profession. So next time you get a proposal from a freelancer, just go for it. He might not earn like a Charted Accountant but will love you more than Joey loves food, and Chandler loves Monica.

Comment below if have also faced situations like this in your freelancing career.

Fahad Aslam Khokhar is a happily-married freelancer and a trainer. Besides Ashraf Chaudhry Blog, he writes for several business blogs as well. You can join him at Facebook.

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