Picture or No Picture on the CV?

There are schools of thought in favor and against putting up a picture on the CV/Resume. The group normally called “recruitment specialists” says a picture discriminates you in advance and hence it should be avoided.

The other school of thought believes that job hunting is like a selling function and your resume is your brochure. From a marketing standpoint, your picture adds to your personal message. Picture also attracts attention and grabbing someone’s attention is what marketing is all about. If someone has to discriminate you on the basis of your color or looks, it is better to be discriminated on resume rather than in interview. The discriminator will discriminate you in any way.

The real question is what kind of picture you should put on?

  1. Picture with executive look, passport size, no beach or shopping area background
  2. Smiling picture, smile means your teeth should be visible and it should be a genuine smile not a ‘struggled’ smile.
  3. Picture should exhibit your dynamism, energy and optimism and happiness
  4. White or blue shirt with aggressive tie and suit should be dark only.
  5. Some people are photogenic from front, some from sides. Only a professional cameraman can guide you.
  6. Hire a professional photographer and get as many shots as possible and select the best one. Invest in your image.
  7. The picture on my blog (at top) was selected from more than a dozen shots.

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