5 Wittiest Part Time Job Ideas to Fund Your Study Expenses

Inflation or recession, modern entrepreneurial times or olden days of scourging through meager jobs to earn a living, there’s one fraction of the society that has constantly been poor and struggling. Yes you guessed it right, I’m talking about us, the students, the substantial chunk of our population affected with stress.

I spent the whole 4 years of my university life rummaging the newspapers, blogs, and web-pages looking for the best part time job ideas. Some of them worked, others backfired horribly!

Based on my extensive research and impromptu experiments, and second hand experiences of my fellows, I have managed to compile a list of 5 wittiest, almost too simple to be effective part time job ideas that can help you ace through your student life like a royalty. (Or as much of a royalty as a student can possibly be):

List of Part Time Job Ideas:

1- Freelance Writer or Editor:

Ok you might be having a laugh at me because this seems like shameless self-praise but trust me it’s not. If you have a good command over language, it doesn’t have to be strictly English, you should consider making a living out of it.

With the Global market now available at the touch of our fingers, the whole world is at your disposal to probe through. Study your niche or the tone of voice you’re written words sound good through and market that tremendously. Register yourself at any of the available freelance writing websites and start getting payed gigs in a snap!

Beware of the scams! Don’t just trust anyone online, study your client before committing to the job.

There is just one setback of this profession that no girl ever likes marrying a freelancer especially in Asian countries.

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2- Teacher’s Assistant

This may seem a bit over-ambitious but it’s truly fruitful if you have good tutoring skills or if you’re thinking of pursuing a career in education later on. Many of the institutions, colleges and universities give their bright students a chance to work as Teacher’s assistants or TAs once they’re through their first few semesters.

The job basically involves helping the teachers mark exams and papers, prepare study material and answer students queries, it helps hammer in the basic principles you’ve already learnt.

The opportunities this particular job tittle opens up for the candidates is truly astounding. The biggest perk of the job is that you get to work directly from your campus where you spend your maximum time anyway, and since it’s part-time you get the time to manage your own studies.

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3- Tutor

This one isn’t that far off from the previous title we just discussed but not as ambitious or far-fetched. You don’t have to rake your brains thinking of student jobs that pay well or look through adverts over adverts trying to find something that works for you. Tutoring is the simplest answer!

Not all students are bright enough to get through their college lessons without any extra guidance. If you reign supreme over certain subjects or have a knack for teaching others, this might be the best option for you. You could tutor your own classmates that are struggling with the given subjects or help the younger ones in schools or colleges!

I, personally spent the 4 years of my university life tutoring elementary as well as high-school kids. And frankly, being the eldest one in a middle-class household, this was the only way I was able to afford half the things my more privileged classmates could.

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4- Uber/Careem Driver

If you have impeccable driving skills or enjoy driving around, this might be the best part time job for you. You could study, work on your assignments, attend all your classes and spend the rest of the time driving!

To make this work, you just need to have a valid license, no prior criminal record, and meet the company’s very basic insurance requirements. According to their newer policy, you don’t even need to have your own car. And additionally with a part-time contract with the company, they can even help you get a car loan.

With the flexibility of hours and only a stable internet connection on your phone, you could start cruising around getting pretty decent money!

5- Customer Service Representative

Now this one is an oldie and pretty prevalent among college students already. The reason being that most customer service centers offer flexible part time jobs to students at market competitive pay-scales. The work isn’t exactly tough as long as you have the people handling skills and are able to keep your cool in a standoff with an angry customer!

The job entails anything from taking orders, offering information or handling complaints. A customer service rep is usually the first point of contact for the customers with the organization so the brands image usually falls over his shoulders. The nicer you are to rude people, the more likely you are to get promoted!

This seemingly easy job not only gets you appreciable work experience that you can write on your resume, but also helps you build amazing communication skills that help you tremendously  throughout your career.

Now that you have dived through a variety of part time job ideas for students, you may be able to pick something that helps minimize the financial strain of surviving university. The only thing keeping your from opting any of these jobs is your procrastination. Lets come out of this comfort zone.

The list is not exhaustive and there are various other options out there that you can skim through before committing to something.

You can also tryout a few options to see what fits your schedule and your persona the best. And if you’re still confused about your subjects and educational path, you can reach out to us for a defined career advice based on what suits you the best. Good luck!

Ghanwa Rehman is a social causes and issues enthusiast with huge dreams of changing the world one write-up at a time. She has earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Karachi.

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