6 Steps to turn down an Interview in a Subtle but Professional Way

It seems to be an interesting and engaging question when you hear someone turning down an interview. The working criteria or circumstances change when you search for a job. Not every job opportunity brings actually what you are looking for, so a graceful rejection is necessary instead of turning it down with no reason. You do not need to make opponents. Let the doors be open to knock anytime again.

After applying for a position, you may feel that the designation no longer suits your area of interest. But, if it leads to calling for an interview then it needs to be declined to avoid demonstrating a lack of confidence or willingness in an interview for that particular job position. Else, it sounds ridiculous to turn down an interview after applying for a job.

Mind it!

Equal level of articulation is required to say “no” to an interview for which you took time and applied for. Let me clear you one important point that rejecting an interview is not at all a problem but it clearly indicates a sign of professionalism that they are looking for.

Believe me, it’s perfectly alright to deny an interview but you need to follow some steps and present with a generous attitude that hiring team doesn’t get offended and your responsiveness in the form of denial portrays you as a lost asset.

How to turn down an Interview

1. Don’t bustle to turn down the interview

It’s an obvious situation that you may get confused and your mind gets boggle when you get a call for an interview, you are no longer interested in. It is recommended that avoid taking immediate decision or action. Still, if you have been through the first interview, don’t let yourself get off-track from that point. Despite that, come to a point, and ask yourself about why you have started thinking that way. What is it that has blown away your keen interest towards the designation, you once desired? After evaluating your results, take clear decision to put forward in the final letter or as an answer to be headed towards the hiring team.

2. Decline the interview call as soon as possible

Be respective for everyone’s designation as you think of your own. A response matters a lot when it comes to official criteria. Try to reply the organization or hiring manager from whom you have received a job call. This act not only saves the time to take another step but will also leave a better impression of yours, reflecting your strong image as a perfect employee. This may also help you to tackle with the decision and get aside with your terms and conditions. A quick decision also encourages you to attract your actual requirements and makes you more of a decisive personality.

3. Keep your “no” as simple as you can

Let your message be very simple instead of long tales. Everyone is busy with their working. Take it as assurance that no one even bothers to response from hiring team, if your answer is no for the job. But you need to be responsive in your terms as you have applied for a particular job position. This means nothing neither to you nor company but developing this attitude may lead to unpredictable opportunities.

4. Turn Down without leaving a bad impression

If you have finalized to reject a job interview, then keep one thing in mind and that must be leaving a positive impression in your final reply. Several candidates are listed for an interview almost every week. You must be forgotten right after rejecting it. But what is to be remembered is a positive attitude, a company received by their selected candidate.

5. Maintain professional reputation

Maintain your professionalism by approaching the employer for declining the interview. Resist the temptation to hide from HR’s call. Do not prove yourself to be immature and letting hiring team assume that your absence was better. Instead, be glad and responsive to the HR for placing a good opportunity, but you somehow, as per your reasons unable to carry on with it.

6.  Be formal

  • When approaching to the employer or answering them in form of writing letter be sure and clear in all aspects.
  • Respond quickly. Do not hang on or ignore it. This may prove them that you were not professional.
  • Be polite and show respect. Please them for giving you an opportunity. Remember, as I told you that you need to let the doors open for you, instead of getting in their bad book.
  • Be simple and concise by placing to-the-point ideas of not switching to that position.


Following is a sample of saying no to an interview, for your concern. There is no need to give an extraordinary reason. You only need to be clear of what is actually roaming in your mind. Make sure to place your points in a manner that indicates you respect towards the organization and reflects a better impression of yours.

Subject: Interview Call – (Your good name)


Dear (Hiring manager’s name)

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards position of (Job title) and for inviting me to the interview in (Company’s name). Honestly, due to lack of interest and maintaining my position in the current job has been my final decision. So I would like to withdraw my application for this opportunity to avoid trafficking the candidate list and save both of our time.

I sincerely appreciate your time and concern to review my Resume and considering me for this position.

Warm Regards,

Your Name

E-mail address

Phone #

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