Top 5 Steps How to deal with a difficult boss in 2019?

Often people ask me to guide them for Bad Boss Management. They complain about them being bad, difficult mean, horrible, abusive, and jealous.

Before I go into the concept, let me clear WHAT BOSS IS NOT.

Boss is not a Sufi, Saint or a selfless person willing to be martyred. He (no gender bias) is not your father or a sacrificing brother.

Then who is the boss?

Let me explain.

He is a self-centered professional just like you with a passion to take care of his career growth, annual increments, and promotions.

That is why they are always demanding. The incompetent bosses (paid employees) and business owners all over the world are obsessed with only one thing, that is, their own career growth (professional bosses) and bottom line of the company (in case of business owners).

Well, here is what you need to do.

In order to effectively deal and manage your difficult boss, you need to take care of his career and profitability growth needs. You will manage your boss well if:

  1. Because of your care and hard work, his career growth is expedited and the profitability of his business increases.
  2. He has not to give explanations every day to his boss because of your sloppy work and casual attitude.
  3. His professional life becomes fast, efficient and relatively painless.
  4. You bring more innovation, creativity, and effectiveness at your workplace.
  5. If you reduce costs and increase profitability and make him look good in the eyes of seniors.

You will mismanage and mishandle the boss if because of you his seniors call him for explanations often and if work is delayed, deadlines are missed, clients are lost and costs of business goes up.

In Indo-Pak subcontinent, the “Uthao” factor works well only if above factors are taken care of as a principle of priority*. “Management By Only Uthao (MBOU)” does not work beyond considerable time.

*“Uthao” is a slang used in Pakistan and India for the praise and flattery of bosses.

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