Conference Call on Skype: Quick, Simple and Cost-Effective

Do you want to connect effortlessly with more than 40 people at a time without spending money, and leaving the place? Whether It is a formal conversation or informal. The good news is YES and it is all possible through Skype conference call. This service lets you connect with multiple people in the easiest way.

When it comes to formal conversation or to begin an impromptu meeting then this easy-to-use tool provides admirably plentiful features, that you expect out of all paid services, needed to schedule a meeting, including sharing PowerPoint slides, desktop, and whiteboard collaboration.

All of Skype services are widely used around the globe for audio and video conference calls, with the perfect video and audio quality, at least HD audio and 1080p video, that is required to communicate effectively with the team and friends without any price tag and compromising the required needs.

In addition to this, this creditable and robust tool is absolute for checking in and keeping you in touch with people, friends, acquaintances and to bring your team closer.

All you need to have Skype on your system whether it is a desktop system, MAC or mobile devices.

Conference call services are often coupled with mobile apps, yet not all of them serve on both popular operating systems. If you are iOS or Android users exclusively, make sure your conference call service is compatible.

Now gets ready to take a look at how to do a conference call on skype.

How to participate in a conference call on skype:

On the voice conference call, you can add multiple participants with just one click. Before initiating a call make sure that all these participants must be on your contact list. However, if you want to add someone on the conference call who is currently not available on skype or not a skype user, in this case, the cost of the call will directly be paid off via your skype credits as you initiated the group call.

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How to make a conference call on skype:

Step 1:

Before initiating the call make sure your internet connection is available as the quality of the call is directly proportional to the speed of your internet.

Step 2:

To start the call, sign in on skype and then click on a recent conversation or contacts name or +New button, just under your name. Similarly, a new conversation will open, to which you can easily add multiple participants.

In the beginning, the conversation will remain untitled unless you identify it simply by clicking on the name and then assign a new name. In addition to this Skype also provide a feature to invite people via sending an email containing a link. Thus, people can be a part of the conference call through their web.

Participants will be allowed into the conference call as they accept your call. Following this, the icon color will automatically change into bright green color as it usually happens during the calls. Furthermore, when someone from the added members speaks in the conference call one’s name along with the icon will start animating with light around, which is the great attribute of skype letting you know who is talking, However, this feature might be slightly different on windows as well as Mac platforms.

If multiple group members are speaking simultaneously, you will see more light animating at the same time.

But don’t forget to remind the group members about the mute microphone option especially when they are not the part of the conversation. This way you can decrease the background noise to the minimum level.

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Step 3:

If you intended to join more people to your conference call, once it is initiated, you can quickly do this by clicking the add button on the top right of the interface.

How to reconnect a dropped caller:

Connections can be disconnected while having the conference call. But there is nothing to worry as you can easily re-establish the connection without restarting the conference call.

Step 1:

The dropped person will see the wording “Join Group” on the green call button. So the person will easily rejoin the call by clicking it.

Step 2:

In case this method doesn’t work, then you need to click the contacts tab to find your contact list on Skype.

Selection of call participants must be already done in your contact list.

Step 3:

Just go and press Ctrl+click==>the dropped contact and click the call button. this way dropped contact easily get added back into your ongoing call.

Skype conference calls are more convenient when the members can experience a common text window to type in text messages and present live URL links through the conference call. Providentially, Skype gives that capability automatically. Just commence the conference call and each group member can type messages in the text box while talking.

Now onward you will not face any trouble regarding conference call on Skype. If your focus is to get the business-focused result then opt skype for Business, as it offers all fundamental aspects regarding business. Otherwise for informal conversation regular Skype will suffice to you.

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