The 7 Super Tips to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone among us, at one point or the other, does consider switching to a healthy lifestyle. No doubt, it isn’t easy to get rid of old habits and take to a healthier way of life. However, it is possible and you only need the determination to transform your way of living. And, if you succeed in adopting a healthy lifestyle, it will impart your vitality, better mental health, and strengthen your immune system as well.

A healthy lifestyle is the one that helps you maintain your good health, both mental and physical. There are multitudes of simple ways that endorse you to gain and retain a healthy lifestyle. Here in this blog post, I am going to give you 7 Super Tips to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle:

1- Eating Good for Healthy Lifestyle

Food and health are directly linked. Eating healthy foods lays out a sound basis for a healthier living. A healthful diet comprises of a variety of foods containing all the crucial nutrients needed by the body to function properly. In order to take on your expedition to healthy living, you have to take care of your diet. Consider including more fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein or healthy fat to your diet plan.

Fruit and vegetables are a treasure house of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Whole grains are rich in fiber and reduce the risk of heart diseases, obesity, and type2 diabetes. Carbohydrates are a source of quick energy and proteins build and maintain tissues and muscles of your body.

In addition to adding healthy foods in your daily diet plan, you must also focus on cutting off unhealthy eating habits. Reduce the intake of saturated fats and sugars. Such foods are detrimental for your physical as well as mental health. Moderate your intake of dairy products. Avoid packaged and processed foods; rather, go for fresh, organic edibles. Also, drink plenty of water.

2- Exercise & Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity are significantly associated with a healthy lifestyle. People are created to utilize their bodies and if they don’t do physical activity, it leads to unhealthy living. Lack of physical activity results in weakness, obesity, and deteriorating overall health. It makes the body prone to diseases as well.

Regular exercise and a good deal of physical activity render your body strength and ability to fight the diseases. Develop a habit of exercising on daily basis and you will observe your muscles strengthening, improved balance and flexibility, and better protection from diseases like stroke, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, and obesity, etc. Moreover, physical activity reduces anxiety and lowers stress levels. It gives a boost to your mood and hence ameliorates mental health. Adults are recommended a moderate physical activity of about 150 minutes in a week or a rigorous physical activity of 75 minutes each week. Therefore; to accomplish your goal of a healthy lifestyle, you should start your physical activity right from today. Walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, and games & sports are some of the activities you may opt for.

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3- Be Optimistic & Avoid Negativity

Research proves that a positive approach supports a healthier and better immune system as well as better physical health. Positive thinking has a remarkable impact on our emotional, mental, and physical health. People who are optimistic in their approach are happier and they live a healthy life. It makes you free from anxiety, stress, and let you feel relaxed. In addition to that, studies also reveal that optimistic thinking and saying no to negative thoughts heal heart issues/cardiovascular diseases better. In short, optimists live longer, less likely to incur diseases, face less stress, and are happier than the negaholics.

4- Get a Good Sleep at Night

A sound sleep at night is vital for good mental and physical health. If you suffer from trouble sleep, give a try to relaxation procedures just like yoga and meditation. Another technique that might help is to eat a little bedtime snack that will help transfer the mind and body into sleep mode; whole-grain cereal, chamomile tea, cherries, or oatmeal. Put out your lamp and sleep in darkness. If any thought is making you anxious, write it down on the paper and stop worrying. Enjoy a sound sleep to live with a sound body and mind.

5- Retain a Healthy Body Weight

Over-weight or obesity is a curse and is rightly known as the mother of all diseases. Obesity causes a number of serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

The right weight for everybody varies according to age, height, gender, and genes. Extra body fat results from excessive intake of caloric nutrients like protein or fat. But at the same time fat is the most concentrated fountain of energy. The most effective solution to obesity is to reduce the intake of saturated fats and enhance the proportion of physical activity. In this simple way, you would be able to maintain healthy body weight and a healthy lifestyle as well.

6- Choose your Company Wisely

You are much influenced by the people around you. If people surrounding you have unhealthy habits, that is going to trouble you a lot. If you aspire to lead a healthy and productive life, choose your company. Take your friends or members of the family with you when you go for a walk or exercise. Engage people around you in healthier activities and plans. Planning such activities with your loved ones would keep you motivated and right on track.

7- Begin Right Now

Last but not least, begin your venture for a healthy lifestyle now and keep going. If you think you would succeed in your objective by bringing sudden and abrupt changes, then you are not right. It is better and easier to set small goals, and by achieving them, head towards the ultimate goal. Rather than bringing major changes all at once, keep on making steady progress and you will attain a healthy lifestyle.

Amber Awan is a lifestyle coach, nature lover and minimalism adviser. She has studied English literature from University of Punjab.

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