About Ashraf Chaudhry Blog

Ashraf Chaudhry Blog was founded in 2013 by Ashraf Chaudhry, Pakistan’s Number 1 Sales trainer with the sole purpose of improving lives of people around the world by providing quality information and practical knowledge on a variety of topics related to one’s career, business management, lifestyle, and entertainment in the form of must-read books as well movies. There is a special focus on providing lessons and helping people implement what they learn in real life so that they can improve their standard of living. Solving problems, increasing productivity, expanding human possibilities, creating value, and increasing prosperity are the underlying themes of the content posted on Ashraf Chaudhry blog.

Mr. Ashraf Chaudhry took this bold step of providing essential intelligence to people a global audience he realized that most people are directionless and in need of guidance. He understood the underlying mechanics and came to the conclusion that it is not the lack of ability or execution that is holding people back rather it is lack of knowledge and vital information that hinders their progress. Hence, he launched Ashraf Chaudhry Blog which is a content platform focused on providing valuable and authentic information that can enhance your career, your lifestyle, your organization, and the way you perceive things. The niches covered by Ashraf Chaudhry blog are primarily related to the craft of selling, professional career, job hunting, staying positive as well as motivated, business management, and entertainment.

In this age of disinformation, there is an overwhelming flood of information out there. So much content is produced each day that even if you spend your entire life skimming through it, you still won’t be able to get halfway through it. This is where Ashraf Chaudhry blog comes in. It filters out the bulk of poor quality content or in other words, the junk and only provides you with concise, relevant, and accurate knowledge as well as information that will prove beneficial to you. It brings to life the content by presenting it in a thought-provoking manner which forces people to ponder, engage, and strive for perfection.

On its way to elevating the writing standard on the internet and acting as a one-stop information solution for people around the globe, Ashraf Chaudhry Blog is taking giant strides in making the world a better place by creating visionaries, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

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