An Australian boy with no arms and no legs travels around the globe telling his story to thousands of students. Nick Vujicic was born without limbs and he travels the world sharing his message of love, tolerance and perseverance.

He moves crowds at schools, colleges and universities l to tears — no arms, no legs .. but one heck of a big heart. 28-year old Vujicic gives hugs instead of hand shakes.. he was born without limbs in Melbourne, Australia in 1982. The doctors had no explanation. “No one ever knew what I could achieve until I tried it, there were no other case studies and no other examples we could work from,” says Vujicic.

Childhood was hard for Nick, he was teased and bullied and angry at God. At age 10 he tried to kill himself. But, as a young adult, Vujicic turned a corner. He started speaking to small groups, and quickly discovered the impact his story, his journey through this life has on others. And instead of being angry for what he didn’t have, he started focusing on what does have. He urges others to do the same. “If only I had arms and legs was my case right? If I had arms and legs I’d be happy but I realized you can have arms and legs and still have a broken heart.”


With his little left foot he types 42 words per minute and with his big spirit he tells a story of faith, perseverance, tolerance and love. His message to millions of teenagers: love yourself, be kind to each other — no more teasing or bullying and don’t give up. To date Nick Vujicic has given over 1500 speeches in 20 countries. He has over 100 million YouTube hits and he wrote a book “Life Without Limits” that came out in February 2011.

  • Urooj Imran

    Really moving story…

  • Kiran Ashraf

    truly an inspiration..especially for people who whine about not getting enough from life.

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