Writing a thank-you note to the interviewer has many advantages and this attitude of gratitude alone can give you leverage over your competitors.

A job-search is like a public relations campaign. The idea is to get others like you. The sooner you build good relationships, the sooner you’ll be hired, and the words “thank you” create good will.

The best sales letter in the world is one that simply says, “Thank you, I appreciate you.” No one grows tired of being thanked.

A thank-you letter is often a sales letter in disguise, so don’t be afraid to put some “sell” into it. Send warm thanks to everyone who gives you any kind of help in the job search, however, small. No exceptions. No excuses.

A well scripted thank-you note

  • Will enhance your recall and retention span and hence keeps you in active memory.
  • Shows that you’re a serious contender and not just an ‘also-ran’.
  • Reflects that you’ve ‘executive material’ in you.
  • Gives you an additional opportunity to persuade your interviewer.
  • Provides you another chance to say something that somehow you couldn’t say in the interview.

Thank-you note should be written and posted the same day. Swiftness is very crucial. Since the immediate purpose of thank-you note is to ‘sell’ you, so it must reach before they buy someone else. I personally prefer a typed letter sent through same day delivery courier, but shooting an email within 1-2 hours can also serve the purpose.

Thank-you note should be succinct and precise and no fluffy matter. It should mention some important points discussed in the interview and give comfort to the interviewer if he/she had some concerns about you.


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