A Case of Bad Customer Service

He is suffering from cirrhosis. One of his friends recommended the name of Pakistan’s top hematologist for treatment. He takes appointment from Dr. Gulzar Ali’s staff for the check-up. He reaches the clinic of hematologist 20 minutes before time. He is astonished that his turn is after 10 patients. He waited for two extra hours to have meeting with Dr. Gulzar Ali.

Young man was angry with the doctor for making him wait for two hours for nothing. He complained to the doctor for  wastage of his time at reception for nothing. For Professor Dr. Ali, it was routine matter. He did not listen to complaint. Young man asserted again that hematologist should at least apologize for the delay but messiah was least bothered about the complaint of young man. With arrogance, hematologist refused to perform check up of Bulund Khan as he insisted that at least doctor should realize that he wasted his time. Khan was accompanied with his well-built and tall friend. He bolted the doctor’s clinic from inside and started beating the arrogant doctor ruthlessly. Both of them thrashed, slapped and punched the doctor. Then both of them dragged him outside his clinic and started beating him in front of patients who were waiting for their turns for hours.

The young men left the place with warning the doctor that they will send patients to him daily to check if he makes them wait for extra time or not. If he made the patients wait for extra time, they will come back again to repeat the beating treatment. This septuagenarian hematologist is retired professor from Pakistan’s premier medical college. He is competent in his field. He must have attended hundreds of conferences all over the world during his medical career but unfortunately he never realized the importance of time of his patients. Only his time mattered to him.

Today I visited Dr. Gulzar Ali’s clinic to have one of my family members checked for some liver disorder. We had appointment at 9.00 pm. I reached his clinic at one of the busiest roads of Lahore 15 minutes before time. At sharp 9.00 pm, hematologist called us inside his room. I was stunned how come this doctor was so punctual.

Although, the beating of old professor/doctor is despicable act on the part of young men, yet I salute them for teaching an arrogant doctor the value of time. I pity the doctor that he learnt value of time the hard way at the fag end of his career. It is a matter of shame for him, his family, his colleagues and his students.

Moral: Never underestimate the wrath of pissed off customers.

Names of patient and doctor have been changed for anonymity.

If you have any story of bad customer service and how angry customer reacted, please share with me to put up here.

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  • I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept.

  • Honkydonks

    Very stupid article. Doctorsbdontndelay because they enjoy it, mostly schedules get backed up because some patients require more time and the doctor can’t possibly know that before hand. Would you like a doctor to throw you out before he has completed your diagnosis bc other patients are waiting? That it self is a violation of the doctors oath. Shame on you really. I work for a large Pakistani firm and will ensure you are neither hired by us or anyone else I know for the simple fact that you lack perspective.

  • Sindhu

    Was this the only way make the doctor realize worth of time?

  • Ashraf_Chaudhry

    Honkydonks (Zulfiqar Qazilbash, Vice President, Transworld Associates). I respect your freedom of expression and hence will not delete your comment. Your threat (I work for a large Pakistani firm and will ensure you are neither hired by us or anyone else I know for the simple fact that you lack perspective.) shows your mental caliber. People like you chase me for helping them find better jobs and you threat me for business.

    • Honkydonks

      Sorry ashraf, this isn’t zulfiqar but a relative using the account. Give him a call since you think you’ve guessed who it is. zulfi wouldn’t have posted here and maybe I shouldn’t have used his account..we use it because it typically stays anonymous. In his defense, he’s a professional and non confrontational. But I’m not. Take care.

  • Feisal Rahimtoola

    Astonishing. Is this story true?

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