DubaiSir, I am Asad, came to Dubai two months back for job hunting. My visa is expiring next week. So far, I could not get a single interview call. Can you please ask your network to help me. Sir, I borrowed money from relatives and I am now worried. Please help.”

Every week, I receive such kind of messages and I have been receiving since many years. All I can do is to put the distress message at my social media channels. Rest depends upon their luck. Beyond that I feel helpless.

Six months back, such a distress message compelled me to help job-seekers in Dubai on a very serious note. And I decided to do research. I browsed thousands of pages on internet; exchanged emails with headhunters and my friends who are well-settled in Dubai to know the real success secrets. I deployed two members of my team on data mining.

Today, I am successful, by the grace of Allah, to compile a list of 5000 employers from all industries with complete addresses, telephone/fax numbers and names of CEOs/Chairmen/HR Heads.

We have sold around 600 copies of the book in past one year (ebook was launched in August 2014). Current fee is PKR 4000/- for the kit with free career/interview counselling session with me on phone as per mutual convenient time.

Now Why Guerrilla?

Guerrillas have limited resources and operate in hostile environments. They cannot take risk of misfiring or wasting precious resources like time and money. They operate with surgical precision and immaculate planning. They strike when the time is best. Their success ratio is hundred times more than conventional warriors.

I am life-long student of Guerrilla Warfare. I wrote “Guerrilla Job Hunting Tactics for Dubai” like a master guerrilla writes guerrilla warfare manual. This is a damn serious stuff for damn serious job hunters.

20 kits are already sold in less than two days. We expect that by 8th of August 2014, all 100 kits will be sold. If you are a serious job hunter, invest in learning the tactics.

How to buy? Please send an email at

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  • Excellent initiative Indeed. People go to UAE without preparation and 99% return without any success. Loss of money, loss of time and loss of self-confidence.

    • Abdul

      was it necessary to post your website like here…. ?? #showoff

  • Mubeen Munawar

    Great job done, I am sure your efforts will definitely help the career seekers.

    • Irfan Bhatti

      I Agree

  • Mohsin

    This isnt necessary, all it requires is a bit of common sense and lot of resilience. I did it all on my own, on merit.

    • Farhan Abid

      everybody is not as genius as you Mr.Mohsin….People need help, so it is a good initiative. 🙂 I like it sir Mr.Ashraf Chodhry

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