I am great fan of Anthony Robbins. In his Awaken the Giant Within, he is all-praise for his former wife Becky. In 2002, while browsing net, I came to know that Anthony divorced Becky and married his girl friend Sage. I was shocked to hear it. How a person who teaches the world to forge relations can divorce his dream wife? In a fit of rage, I emailed one-liner question to Tony on October 11, 2002. The one-liner was: 

“What became of your first wife…Becky? You divorced her?”

Anthony Robbins, on October 21, 2002, replied me in detail. Here’s what he said:


“Dear Muhammad,

Thank you so much for your e-mail. First, I want to apologize for this belated reply. My intense seminar and travel schedule, along with my business and family responsibilities, have taken a big bite out of my time. However, I wanted to respond personally and acknowledge the time you took to think of me.

I’ve worked for years to create and present the most innovative, entertaining, and empowering materials possible. However, I know my technology is worthwhile when I receive notes
from people like you who are not only emotionally touched by my work, but more importantly, are taking action on what they’ve learned. To know that in some small way I’ve made a difference for at least one person and that I have helped them to begin to create the quality of life they truly deserve is what drives me most.


I appreciate your interest in my former marriage. The strategies I share with my audience to guide them on the path to more fulfilling relationships are based on my own personal experience and the knowledge I have gained from working with people from 80 different countries for more than a quarter of a century. Relationships are one of the single most important areas of our lives and one of the greatest opportunities for fulfillment or pain. The secret is making certain the person you select shares your values and vision. Some relationships cannot continue to be fulfilling because the two people have different visions for their lives or have learned to value different things.

While I offer many tools for enhancing relationships, I have never led my audience to believe that the path to a successful relationship would be to stay in a relationship where after deep, honest communication and soul searching both people discover that they do not share the same life vision. Any relationship can be made to work, but when people’s values and life directions are extremely different they must compromise. Continuous compromise means a compromised life for both parties. That is when difficult decisions need to be made.

Deciding to end my relationship with my former wife Becky was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I am extremely proud of our 14-year relationship. When I entered the marriage at the age of 24 I immediately embraced the responsibilities of being a father to a 17-year-old son, an 11-year-old daughter, and a 5-year-old son. I remained in that marriage until my children were grown and I realized that I did not share a life vision with my former wife. At that time I chose to take the necessary actions to pursue a life in which I could be more fulfilled. Sometime later I met Sage, my lovely wife, whom I met coincidentally through a business relationship, and married a year later. We have been together for a blissful two and a half years.

Are you interested to read?

Again, thank you for taking the time to write, and your patience in receiving a reply. My desire and invitation to you now is that you continue to expand the quality of your life by committing to the philosophy of CANI-Constant and Never-ending Improvement. By doing so, I believe that you will create a life of lasting fulfillment for yourself and for those you care about.

I look forward to our paths crossing again soon. Live With Passion!

Warmest Regards,

Anthony J. Robbins
Chairman of the Board”

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  • Anonymous

    Ahraf, I am also a raving fan of Tony Robbins. I credit his programs and my application of them as the primary reason for the success I've enjoyed over the last 20 years.

    I have to agree with his comments about relationships. Visions, values and attitudes change over time. Some people just grin and bare it, live miserably and nobody wins or grows. I respect his decision and the courage to take a Giant Step.

    Take care and be well!
    Neil Wood

  • Anonymous

    What a Crock, this is a formula answer, just like the rubbish that has become an industry that the gullable fall for
    Take responsibility and be honest as to what really happened – this is BS

  • Anonymous

    He has done more marketing / sales talk than answer to the real question you have asked. At least one expected honesty from a person who teaches so much. I think he as a struggling youngster he was attracted to an older woman and later as a successful person just fell for a younger babe. So much crap doesnt hide whats plain human hormone at work.

  • Anonymous

    While I am loathe to comment publicly on folks personal lives (no one ever really knows what goes on in another's marriage), Tony is open to some criticism due to the nature of his image and profession.
    I am not a huge fan, but have been very positive about him and his work for many years. I did not know about his divorce and do consider it problematic.
    I was going to say hypocritical, but in fact, it may actually be consistent with my understanding of his emphasis on the primacy of one's own lifetime vision versus, say, natural or divine law.
    Here is where his philosophies and mine as a Christian diverge. Not simply doctrinally or dogmatically, but the time horizon of true joy: is to be had only in the "here and now" or also eternally.
    Only an eternal perspective can give suffering and love any meaning.
    Without an eternal perspective, the only joy that matters is the joy of the moment. Suffering makes no sense at all.

  • Anonymous

    I am also a big fan of Tony. What I don't understand is was he meeting new wife behind his first wife?

    Isn't that called cheating?

    I guess when Tony married at 24 years of age he had not experience the "real world problems" then.

    Good luck Tony!!!

    I am also a trainer but my focus is towards call center industry.

  • Anonymous

    he would make a good politician

  • Anonymous

    For someone who considered as a leader in the personal development industry, the answer provided is not acceptable.

    Tony ended a 14 years of marriage, with a wife who went thru all the up's and down's in helping Tony to build his seminar empire. A simple answer – "no longer share the same life vision and value." I have trouble understanding the logic behind this statement. If Tony cannot even insipred his own former wife and life partner to 'wake the giant within', how can he do the same for others?

    Marriage is a journey and you will need to work hard to keep it going. Couples will grow in different speed and may grow in different directions. However, LOVE conquers ALL.

    He seems to be happy with his new wife Sage now, what if one day Tony find out they no longer share the same life vision and value, is he going to change a new partner again?

    Talk is cheap. A great teacher MUST be able to walk the talk! Set an example will change more lives then talk talk talk!

    No body should judge other's personal life. However, Tony's action contradict his teaching. That just doesn't sit well with me.

  • ChelseaGirl

    Love conquers all?? You have to be kidding. Sorry, "anonymous", but it doesn't. You can love someone and still be unable to live with that person. I see no contradiction here. His marriage didn't work out. That has nothing to do with his work or his message. You also say nobody should judge another, but that is exactly what you are doing. You have zero information about what really went on between Tony and his wife. Therefore, you are in no position to judge. If he did indeed cheat on his wife, that's wrong, but we don't know that he did. As long as we don't have the facts, there is nothing we can say.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about eating your own cooking and not throw up. Seems like Tony threw up big time!

  • Anonymous

    Check out this article:


    A quote from the article:
    "But at his peak, Anthony was to disappoint his fans by announcing his divorce from his wife of many years Becky. Becky had appeared on many of his tapes, had a book dedicated to her, but what really upset his followers was that his divorce seemed to contradict his teachings in his books and tapes. He had often used his relationship with Becky to show that people are different and that happy relationships can be formed and can be lasting if you follow some of Anthony's lessons."

  • Anonymous


    It is a comment on his professional teaching. My comment was not directed to his personal life. It is not a judgement on his personal behaviour.

    If you have truely studied his work, you will know how this divorce was against the things he preached through his books and tapes. He had often used his marriage as an example for others that happy relations could exist and last according to his teachings.

    I don't think any of his fan (me included) will judge his personal life. If Tony has never used his happy marriage with Becky in this teaching, I don't think anyone would care about his divorce. However, it is extremely disappointing to see his action contradict what he teaches.

    This is just a fact and no one can deny it.

    It is call Business Social Responsibility. Especially in the Personal Development Education field.

    By the way, if you don't believe that "Love conquers all" then it will never exsit in your world. Self manifestation & abundance -another preach from Tony Robbins?

    – June

  • Ed Dean

    Hey everyone. Tony is not Plato or Descarte. He is a better looking version of the guy that sells Shamwow.
    The first older wife taught him what sex was. The younger version taught him what sex is.
    What and is, is Tony's life. Let him deal with it. This story is so old it's become a cliche'.
    Wanna go back to King David???????

  • Anonymous

    ever heard of this "First there is the flat tyre and then there is the story about the flat tyre"

    it was good to read all the comments and still no one knows nothing about what really went on, just that the divorce happened and that the fact

  • Ed Dean

    Come on people, get a grip. Tony is not a Plato or Descarte. He is a better squared jaw version of the guy on the Shamwow commercials.
    His first wife taught him sex. His second wife is enjoying the fruits of her labors. This scenario is so old that it's a cliche'. Don't believe it? Ask King David. He was Tony's 3000 year old mentor.
    Better yet, ask someone in the modern area. Shakepeare!

  • infinet

    wHEN LOVE COMES FROM WITHIN, It can compromise and sacrifice.
    Love does not mean just on physical relationship. This is where the west differs from the East.

  • Anonymous

    For all guys those are criticizing Anthony Robbins. I have never heard or readh about this gentleman before in my file. My question is to all of you how many of you have such guts and courage of marrying an older lady at the age of 24 with three kids the elder’s age of 17 years. I am 100% sure that none of you guys have that much courage of taking such bold and vital step in life. It doesn’t matter what ever reason of divorce he has mentioned but it does of appreciating his 14 years of marriage life. Please avoid unnecessary criticism, think positive and be positive.

  • Anonymous

    Follow the role not the role model. A human being is made up of virtues and vices. Imbibe the virtues and eliminate the vices. A wise man only takes what is good for him and leaves the rest.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Becky is still available. She is so hot!

  • Dan Brantley

    Many of you sound like my friend who was appalled that the pastor of a church drove a Cadillac, lived in a $250,000 home, and made $100k per year. "It's just not right" she said.

    Never mind the fact that this was a mega church of over 10,000 members with a budget of over 10 million a year. He was working cheap.

    Getting too wrapped up in what "ought to be" blinds you to what is. Robbins could have justifiably said, "None of your damn business." and who could have argued that it was our business?

    Even our idols are human. Get over it.

  • Rich London

    Yes, Tony is very much a public figure. But, why are so many people forgetting that Tony is human and no human being is perfect? I would recommend that we all live the best lives that we can. Find your own vision for happingess and success. Pick your own mentors and role models to follow. Then learn by their positive messages and allow them their human mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know why this article is being submitted. It is clear that the person said they sent the email to Robbins in a 'fit of rage'. Are you kidding me, what makes this guy so perfect that he can judge someone else, be it Tony Robbins or anyone else….and really…'a fit of rage'….too tightly wound is more likely!

    I think Tony answered this question in a very professional manner and does not make out like he has all the answers…good for him.

    Mr Chaudhry is the author of 'The craft of selling yourself'….didn't sell yourself too well here sir.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know why this article is being submitted. It is clear that the person said they sent the email to Robbins in a 'fit of rage'. Are you kidding me, what makes this guy so perfect that he can judge someone else, be it Tony Robbins or anyone else….and really…'a fit of rage'….too tightly wound is more likely!

    I think Tony answered this question in a very professional manner and does not make out like he has all the answers…good for him.

    Mr Chaudhry is the author of 'The craft of selling yourself'….didn't sell yourself too well here sir.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a shit about this moron. It is typical of these assholes to jump from one whore to another. Why are you idiots so caught up in his life? Worry about your own lives.

  • Anonymous

    This guy makes me ill. He is nothing but a bunch of hype, selling people what they already know. There is nothing these self help guys can tell you that you don't already know. Stop giving them money.
    He dumped his first wife because he got her when he didn't have any money. Once he got rich, he wanted to upgrade, simple as that. He is a jerk like all the rest of the self help gurus. I wish he would get all of his sheep to follow him off a cliff. I have to laugh at those who think he has given them some great secret to life. What a joke.

  • karim

    An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim – Creating Power

  • Anonymous

    Americans are so fixated on right versus wrong, which in fact should be only in politics where war and peace, and dying children is nothing but public protest. Which also means nothing to somebody like a la Bush/Cheney tandem.
    Tony is an open book, and he is no prophet. Many people do divorce for 3 reasons – money, career/intellectual lag, sex problems. He honestly said – he did everything he could, and honestly decided to end relationship after he has done everything he could. Kids had grown, and it was making him old in mind. While others prefer to stay in and lie, and get miserable. Price – cheating, drugs, and the rest, up to your imagination. By the way, I am not his big fan, like many, but I do understand his motif. Get a career, people, make more money by being honest with yourself. Then find a solution without paying a shrink. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    I don't know, but seems to be a lot of fingerpointing without all the facts. I think he was very professional and a total gentleman regarding his answer, whether we're fans or not. There's no right or wrong answer here, and cetainly not one that will please all the people all the time.
    Personally, I always took the blame/responsibility/heat in any of my ended relationships whether it was my fault/desire/choice or not. As for quotes and cliches – "It takes two to Tango."
    Kudos to both Tony and Becky for the 14 years they had, and for moving forward in this all-too-short lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    According to my wife, and ex-NFL cheerleader, Robbins regularly called her fellow cheerleader friend for dates whenever he was in town. So, before you buy into all of his explanations…the one that probably makes the most sense is that his ex-wife probably got tired of his antics.

  • Gutschein

    Which email address did you write to? I am sure this is a standard reply that everyone gets. I would try and email him and see if I get the same answer.

  • Anonymous

    He himself says that he is on a journey, will he be talking about this time 10 years from now, when he was wrong for leaving his 1st wife? and now going on his 3rd wife. Homeboy is human, give and take it doesn’t all have to be his way. I figure his program is like everything else in this world, you can do his program with “passion” but still use moderation as nothing is designed to completely and totally cover each individual in this world. Only I have lived my life.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Tony – for being an inspiration to those of us who can appreciate what's involved to be compelled by passion.

  • Anonymous

    As a proud Jew, I want to tell you guys that Jesus is not god nor is he a son of god. THE CROSS WILL LEAD YOU TO HELL, WORSHIP GOD WHO CREATED JESUS THE MAN!!!

  • Anonymous

    Here is a question. If you were a world class runner and you entered into a three legged race with a cripple, how fast could you run?
    Answer: only as fast as you could drag their sorry ass.

    OK, this is a cruel answer. I know some people are going to take this literal, so let’s not be mean to the crippled people; not that I was. I was making a theoretical point. But howabout we use a 450 Pound couch potato instead. Oh damn, now someone else’s feelings are hurt. Tough Crap, get over it. If you don’t like your life, fix it.

    Some people are so pathetic. They love putting someone like Anthony Robbins on a pedestal, just so they can try and knock them off. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. No one is perfect, and no one who is interested in at least trying will be inspired by someone who isn’t. That’s the bottom line.

    How’s that for a formula answer?

  • Rob

    Even the greatest of humans can suffer from relationship problems. It is what it is. He's human. Because he has a giant within doesn't make him infallable, people, c'mon.

    The answer certainly contains some BS and was most certainly not written by him. That's the way things work when you're in the lime light. He is forced to be a politician. What did you expect, a response saying "I'm a man, I cheated and wanted a divorce. I'm tired of dealing with her three kids and all of her baggage." He has to have a canned answers because of exactly what is happening here. He knows any response will be posted on a blog and idiots like us will be sitting around commenting on it.

  • Anonymous

    For all of you that are hating please get a life. I know for a fact that some people can not be made happy!!! No matter how hard you try and what you give, what tools you use and no matter how much love you give. Some people just want to be unhappy. Im not saying that this was the case, but why spend you life with some one who is not on the same path as you. You are waisting their life and even worst your own. No one wins and no one is happy. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE!!!! I am very sorry for him and his ex-wife. I hope they have better lives. One of you stated that he sells people what that already know, no he reminds people of what they should have never forgotten, that we are unlimited creatures capable of anything. Some people lose site of that and need to be reminded.

  • Anonymous

    I was a huge TR fan until Feb 1998 when I went to his live seminar in Fort Worth. His behavior in that seminar was 180 degrees different than what he displays in his book. Turns out, he's the most foul-mouthed, crass, sex-as-a-metaphor-for-life sociopath I've ever seen. I lost all respect for him right there, on the spot. Then I learned more about how he stole most of his good materials from other people (like how he hijacked Wade Cook's training manuals word for stinkin' word and then "settled" for $600k). The guy is a personal loser and failure regardless of his wealth. I'm sure his wife got sick of him being a freaking jackass all the time and told him to screw off. I only needed about 6 hours in his seminar to see that he was a fraud, a hypocrite, and a sociopath.

  • irene

    I am a huge fan of Tony. When i read his books, i take in what i want and throw out what i disagree with him. With regards to his divorce, he did what made him happy. Thats bold.Most people shrink at the thought of it and end up miserable. He is human like the rest of us…we all at one time in our lives think, decide, act and live on.

  • irene

    I am a huge fan of Tony. When i read his books, i take in what i want and throw out what i disagree with him. With regards to his divorce, he did what made him happy. Thats bold.Most people shrink at the thought of it and end up miserable. He is human like the rest of us…we all at one time in our lives think, decide, act and live on.

  • irene

    I am a huge fan of Tony. When i read his books, i take in what i want and throw out what i disagree with him. With regards to his divorce, he did what made him happy. Thats bold.Most people shrink at the thought of it and end up miserable. He is human like the rest of us…we all at one time in our lives think, decide, act and live on.

  • Anonymous

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  • Mike "the mortgage" Mann

    What a bunch of miserable people who comment negatively about Tony Robbins. If you dont like him, you can disagree but why attack him. I cant say anything new that wasnt commented here previously and to acknowledge the less than positive peoples comments would be a waste of my own very productive life and time. I must say that I do empethize with the misinformed. All of his material is not original. All of anybody's stuff is not original. It all stems from back in the day of Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill and even further back to Earl Nightingale and probably further than that. Let me ask has anyone told someone a joke they heard earlier in the day? Did that person smile? Did they say your funny? Imagine the next time you tell a joke and some JACKASS comes up behind you and says " You didnt make that joke up, why are you telling it to other people? You are fake, you loser" That would suck right? All you are trying to do is be funny, make someone laugh right? All Tony is doing is sharing a message, if just one person benefits positively from his message than his job is done. I'm sure no one ever was in a worse place when they left a seminar (except for the stuck up.. sorry I dont want to be directly rude, the unfortunate person that posted that they were disgusted by his foul mouth, crass, etc.. whatever. Get over it. The problem is with you. You are not happy for some reason, you are not happy with yourself if you are one of the people on here bashing Tony for him getting a divorce. If you were happy you would be using your time to reinforce positive feelings and using that energy that you poured in these emails for good instead of evil. Please do yourselfs a favor and look yourself directly in the eyes in a mirror no more than 3 inches from the glass and ask yourself if you are truely happy. Ask yourself did you use your amazing power within yourself positively or negatively today. I challenge you to do this for your own good sake. You will know answers to alot of your own questions when you look yourself deep in your own eyes and tell yourself the truth. DID I MAKE A POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES LIVES TODAY? One thing remains certain you will ALWAYS make a difference it's your choice which one it will be.

    As far my personal opinion on Tony's divorce. It's none of my business and I hope he would never care what I think. The funny part about it is I dont care, I dont think about it. I could not care less.

    As for those that do care about Tony getting divorced or judge him or try to discredit him or the next time you want to judge anyone. Think about this…
    If you have children in your life, neices,nephews, godchildren, or any younger people in your life that you want to effect positively by telling them NOT TO do drugs, drink, have sex at a young age, try pot or anything of that nature. What if Tony Robbins popped by your house and said to the children "Dont listen to your parents because when they were young they tried drugs, sex etc… Your parents are lying hypocritical losers, dont listen to all that crap. Their message isnt even original, your parents parents told them that when they were a kid so they are stealing the material from your grandparents. More realistically what if your friend or coworker or sister said that to your kids because they were there when you tried a hit of the pot, or stole your parents liquor? When the shoe is on your foot it is not so pretty. Think about that before the speak, act, or judge others.


    PS. It doesnt matter if you think Tony's response is right or wrong people, he doesnt have to explain himself or his actions to anyone.
    I personally think his response was concise and professional. But who cares what I think.

  • Anonymous

    Having dealt with Tony on more than one occasion in business I can tell you he is a fake. We called him Tony the phony. Completely different in person than when the cameras are rolling.

  • Angel

    To Mike the mortgage man, you are totally right. People who want to criticise about things not being orignally and all the criticisms should read your post again.

    Tony Robbins has done a lot more good than bad. His divorce is his own business. No one elses. He is feeding hundreds of thousands of hungry people every Christmas and making people care more about people. No one likes to have a divorce, whatever the reason. Lets see the good instead of criticizing the good man. He is a good guy!

    Did you guys know that famous relationship author Barbara De Angelis and John Gray who wrote Men are from mars and women are from Venus bull shit use to be married, but divorced each other? So there you go! Surprise! John Gray has written many more best sellers. Sometimes, people just change and dont see things the same way anymore. Too bad!! Thats life! At least he married someone when he was only 24 years old. A lot of guys dont even have the decency to marry a girl after he has got 3 kids with her! Then they just leave! Those are the real losers! What about men who never want to commit? Ever? Cuz they are never sure and their relationships never make marriage or past the 3 years mark? Those are the losers. Tony has done well. Dont expect so much from Tony if you are a loser man yourself. He is already excellent as he is!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone stop to think that maybe Becky didn't want to be married to Tony anymore either? The whole "poor Becky" thing is somewhat irritating and potentially ignorant. Becky is a smart, independent, strong woman, not some victim.

  • Anonymous Tom

    Some truly amazing insights.

    I was myself stuck in a boat with Antony Robbins back in April 1997, only this one was not heading for niagara falls, we were set adrift off the cost of Sardinia. Luckily we did have oars, It was 'proactive this proactive that' and yet I was the one doing all the rowing. The situation went from bad to worse as the waves became over a foot high, in my exhaustion I fell into a deep sleep only to be awoken to the sound of Tony polishing off the last of 17 packs of Captain birdseye's fishfingers, and that was just the beginning. We finally hit shore after 13 days at sea with no resourses and armed only with a pair of shoe laces I thought the best thing to do was build a glider, it was then that he whipped out his hidden stash of green drinks, after watching him drink over five litres of the stuff he made a load tarzan style cry and then vanished into the undergrowth

    'Great' I thought' just Great' after 13 days my patience was beginning to run a little thin.
    Later as I was just polishing the wings of the glider Tony returned with a sweat band around his head and bells attached to his lower legs, he'd been mixing with the local tribesmen in a Sardinian medieval moris dance.As we pushed with all our strength the glider became airborn, clinging onto the doors we climbed in and sat to an incredible view of orange light reflecting off the sea. I turned to him and said 'So have you got any big projects on for the rest of the year' and he replied 'Well I'm actually inflatable so I spend most of the year tucked up in the loft and only come out in the summer holidays'.

    I dropped Tony at the nearest airport and we said our goodbyes and I flew on, as I sat there I began reflecting on the past couple of weeks and began to feel so incredibly cheated.My mind began to race,'what of all those books Id read and tapes Id listened to,those pricey seminars I'd been to? What of the green drink incident, the fishfinger moment, those bells,had it all been just hot air? Perhaps it was me ,had I not played my part in this?and then it hit me no wonder his marriage was on the rocks

  • Cinderella

    Reading these comments…..hilarious!! thank you for posting very interesting

    Brings to mind if we spent more time examining ourselves the way we examine public figures, we would all have a job well done hugh. If we were as impeccable with our own actions and words as we expect others to be especially what we expect our "teachers" and "preachers" boy we would be just perfect. mmmm Is there such A thing? Live and let live. And the teacher does not always teach by the book, Great job Anthony J. Mahavorick (the human; giant; spirit)

  • Locksmith

    I like Tony Robbins a lot – I'm currently listening to his Get The Edge program – but this divorce situation certainly did put a bad taste in my mouth when I first heard it.

    The only consolation is the unfortunate truth that "divorce is so common these days". It's almost no surprise when it happens, because it's so frequent.

    The unfortunate part is the history that Becky has with his programs, especially the relationship-based ones. I think promoting the idea that because one person has a different vision than the other, therefore divorce is an option, is a very negative concept.

    Thanks for sharing his email response.

  • Jayars

    I find it funny how people think that his divorce is a *BAD* thing. If him and his ex-wife were no longer in love (or sharing the same passion), then staying in the marriage would've been unfair to both of them.

    When people criticise him for not making his marriage "work", they're forgetting something very important: You CAN'T force your will on your partner (well, you can, but I wouldn't call that marriage a success). You can do all the right things (which I'm sure he has been doing all 14 years), but if you and your partner just can't click anymore, the marriage is over, whether you stay married or not.

    In this case, I'm actually impressed by Tony Robbins, because he respects his partner enough to get a divorce, such that they can both strive to get the life they truly want/deserve.

  • Rod

    For all of you self proclaimed prophets that think you know "what's right" I think you're way, way off. If you only knew the truth it would humble your judgements.

  • Ashraf Chaudhry

    Hi Rod, fans of Tony Robbins would love to have the right reasons. If you know any, please do share.
    Warm regards

  • Anonymous

    'Values and Visions'.
    Chosen words.
    Drawn from an individual well.
    His own.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Value – Worth
    Visions – Future

    'Values and Visions CHANGED'.
    Yes … well thought-out and chosen words.

    Therefore –

    The WORTH of something changed for him … WORTH LESS.
    No longer VALUED.
    And –
    His VISION changed to an elsewhere.
    And there he went.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Brutally honest, well thought-out, deliberately chosen words.


    Merely the other side of the coin.
    Existing in us all.

  • Anonymous

    Tony doesn't walk his talk…while married he was coming on to one of his assistants. I've heard from someone who worked for him in the past that behind the scenes he's not that nice of a guy…

  • Anonymous

    oh really? thats a bit of a ' I heard it from my uncles nephews friends pet dog' clearly he must be a bad guy

  • The Log

    How many people on this site hate Tony Robbins but voted for Obama?


  • Anonymous

    If you put a man on a pedestal, you are bound to watch him fall from it. For those of you who feel 'betrayed' by Tony's personal life, you should take a longer look at your own issues. Tony has made a living inspiring others and if you have taken anything from his works to make yourself a better person, then you should not be worried about his persoal life. On a side note, I think it's weird that Sage actually legally changed her first name as an adult, and I am also startled at the size of Tony's hands.

  • Polly

    Anonymous, you have to forgive someone and not carry the "Pain" of what someone did or did not do to you or somebody else.

    God has a plan for all of us… sometimes things aren't perfect. When someone hurts or uses you … you have to embrace the pain and learn the lesson… and forgive. I did. The Lord Jesus says that we must forgive each other if we expect him to forgive us. The Lord's love and salvation is awesome…. and I've seen the Lord in my vision. Nothing and no one compares.

    Tony has done some good for others so focus on that…. k?

  • Anonymous

    Is divorce an option for any human being? If not: then Tony was wrong, case closed. No discussion necessary.

    If divorce is a valid option to end a relationship between two people than my first question would be: What's Becky's point? Did she agree? Did they agree on parting?

    Isn't that the question more important?

  • Muddassir.hussain

    is it ethical to share someone's private email?
    maybe he'd something else in his mind he couldn't explain? or it was something more personal may be it was a mutual decision?
    Personally I feel private mails are not to be shared.

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I have been one of Tony's fan for many years. Still I refer his book "Unlimited Power" for various reasons.

    It is a great blow to my picture on Tonym by hearing his divorce. He has been telling about Becki in length and bread of his various books.

    If he is not able to make to understand his on wife, then what the hell the so called NLP is being used for?


  • Anonymous

    I don't understand why the norm seems to be: 'He did'…'He didn't'…'He should have'…'He probably'…'I heard that he…'!!!! Is ANYONE prepaed to consider that maybe, just MAYBE "SHE" might have something to do with it as well??? As far as we know, she could bethe one who wanted out and refused to meet him on any level after her mind was made up. As far as we know, that can ALSO bethe furthest thing from the truth. Fact is: they divorced. Fact is: we have no FACTUAL clue why! Fact is IT'S NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS but the parties directly and personally affected. And especially if they remain friends, no one else should lose any sleep or waist brain activity over it. I wish them both happiness, love and success.

  • Anonymous

    When I found out that Mr. Robinson got divorce his wife Becky, I did a background check on him and read his Winkapedia profile and his personal letter explaining why he got a divorce and saw his new wife pics on google.com, Sage. Only one thing that came to my mind, Sage is a lot younger than is previous wife, and she looks like a playboy bunny compared to his attractive wife of 14 years. He claims that, "The secret is making certain the person you select shares your values and vision. Some relationships cannot continue to be fulfilling because the two people have different visions for their lives or have learned to value different things." Well, after 14 years of being married he just realized he had different visions and values of that of his previous wife. How can a intellegent man teaching other how to live a successful married life be so blindsided not to see that after 14 years it was not going to work out? The only thing that changed was his vision of being with Sage and Becky was in the way.

    I believe that he upgraded his wife like so many mEN do in America do today, it's a sobering 52% that end in divorce. From what I understand he gives seminars on relationships, personal development, and marriage. . . . However, he could not keep his own marriage together. What a shame! He left his wife for another woman and probably paid out Becky a load of money to keep her mouth shut to the Media! It would be nice to hear her side of the story! Mr. Robinson has no credibility with me and should practice what he preaches. Just because you hit a mid-life-crises it doesn't mean you throw you wife and kids to the side to pursue your lust with a hot blond bomb shell. He not only destroyed his previous wife's and children's lives but disenchanted millions of people worldwide that followed his "inspirational teachings." 20/80

  • Buddy

    Look up Mr. Robbins' former apprentice, Mr. McNaughton. Mr. McNaughton was the ONLY person to open for Mr. Robbins on stage with his own motivational presentation.

    Interesting – on the wife-front, Mr. McNaughton "upgraded" to a newer model as well; I guess Tony taught him well!

  • Anonymous

    Without looking at any thing else,
    I see that Tony was 24 when he
    married the 36 yr old mom of a 17 yr
    old and two other kids. When he
    divorced 15 years later, the kids
    were grown and gone, he was
    at his of prime 38 years old a nillionaire and his wife had just turned 50. What happened is obvious. The only important thing
    is did he allow for her to grow
    into old age in financial comfort
    or did he just outright dump her.
    Chances are, as she was around for
    the 14 years of his empire growth,
    she probably was compensated with
    millions and millions of dollars.
    I dont think there is much need to
    feel sorry for her. I wanna see
    a pic of his new hot bombshell wife that he traded in his old wife for.

  • Anonymous

    I always been a fan of Tony. I got to know Sage and other people who where close to them way before Tony divorced.
    Here are some facts:
    Tony was unfaithful to his former wife way before they divorced and he and Sage started the romantic relationship before he ever mentioned the divorce.
    Sage is fake as a $30 bill. Her name, boobs, teeth, hair. All the important features of her persona have been altered and Tony feels attracted to that.

    My 2cents is that Tony has a poor judgement selecting partners. But that is his own business. His advice and work is still great.

  • Anonymous

    Friends, Tony is just human like every other person. For Tony, his Vision and purpose for life is important. Becky couldn't see into Tony's vision and purpose for 14 years. Tony would never Give up his audience for Becky if she's not following Tony.
    In my opinion, Tony has affected millions of lives positively. I am still Reading his books and listening to his CDs. He's a good guy.

  • Anonymous

    Walk the talk allmighty profet. Anthony obviously is a wanker with no spine. Good for him he can seek refuge in the idea of helping millions.

  • Anonymous

    While enjoying a cigarette one day outside work, a co-worker and myself got to talking. He went on to tell me of his brother, and how his brother's fiancée–Bonnie–broke off the engagement mere weeks before the wedding. While describing the anger, shame and pain his brother and his family was going through, he mentioned that the fiancé had come to the decision to leave him as a result of attending a Tony Robbins seminar (or, in his words, "some BS motivational seminar") in Western Canada. The irony of this wasn't lost on anyone. Apparently Bonnie (or the bitch, as he called her) got involved with Tony while still engaged to his brother. Likewise, Tony got involved with her while still married.

    Bonnie–now called Sage–worked for Tony in Canada and married him later that year after his divorce was finalized. Needless to say my co-worker was not a big Mr. Robbins fan.

    Stay classy Tony!

  • Anonymous

    I just recently heard he had divorced his first wife and traded her in for a plastic model. perhaps his vision has changed to a lower grade, I just got rid of all my tapes and recordings and will no longer consider him a leader in realizing success. ekj

  • Anonymous

    Wow! So many, misereably judgemental, hypocratical(probably religious), over-bearing, imposing their own values… like anybody cares, rumor spending, gossip hounds, and probably(lawyers, politicians, or reality show watchers here). A great read by one and all whom posted here!

    Most of you whom posted negative comments here will never understand true happiness, because you can't understand it… at all. Most of the ones whom posted negative comments are energy stealers, undoubtably and need to rob other of their happiness to feel gratification in their own misery. Those energy vampires, whom expect Tony to have all the answers for them, are also the ones whom expect the government to pay for the healthcare as they do nothing in their own lives, but sit on their asses bitching about the price of gasoline, or talking about some ridiculous break-up between 2 people they have never met or because they have no life.

    He is a human being after all… And nobody in their right mind would believe any of this crap posted. Why would they? For all we know it's his ex-wife, posting all this, and therein would be a good case-in-point, for the divorce wouldn't it.

    So many of you are so psychologically ill, it's not even funny anymore. If this were more trendy I'm sure more of you would SEEK HELP now!

  • the commish

    In 1987 I first met Tony Robbins and his then wife Becky. I moved from Maine to California with the express purpose of meeting Tony and learning NLP. I left in March and by the end of July of 1987 I was a certified NLP practitioner.

    Over the years I followed Tony's career, received further training from others including Wyatt Woodsmall and Tad James. Tad James also is divorced from the wife he had when I was trained by him in 1994.

    Both of these gentlemen have done marvelous work in teaching others tools to achieve success. They also are huge believers in modeling experts. If they are claiming to be experts themselves at marriage than we have the right to question that before investing in any of their marriage or relationship training.

    If they are claiming simply to teach based on a model created by studying marriages that have lasted a lifetime we have less to criticize. We still might want to question their credentials if they learned these secrets BEFORE they divorced.

    We cannot ignore the possibility that their ex-wives were the ones who wanted out and had learned enough communications from their husbands that they were not going to be persuaded that divorce was a bad idea.

    Personally, while I believe I have moved away from Tony on several fronts I believe he is a sincere man. I believe he wants to create success in people's lives and through what I learned from him and Tad James I have fulfilled most of the goals I set back in 1987.

    I have one business/financial goal that I have yet to have attained, but my website (http://www.physical-education-institute.com) is one of the early tools in reaching that goal. I am a fan of both men, but am not one who puts men on a pedestal.

    The only one of Tony's programs (or Tad's) I would question investing in would be one on relationships. If the techniques he teaches are about finding a fulfilling lifetime relationship given his divorce you must look into the content and other sources to see if it is worth the investment.

  • Anonymous

    I have been a HUGE fan of Tony Robbins for years and have bought and digested many of his materials. When I heard of his divorce I felt like he was a snake oil salesman. But his well thought and disarming response to such a terse and pointed question from a stranger certainly has changed my opinion and earned my respect for the man. What he says is absolutely true. It takes 2 parties to share a vision and work towards that common goal. But over time people do change for better or for worse and what made sense at one point makes less sense as the divergence becomes too great. And at some point, too many compromises are made by both parties and the life is increasingly unfulfilling and unsatisfying. Some people do tough it out like in that movie American Beauty. But I believe CANI should be embraced as the key to success both financially and pesonally. Thank you Tony for your honesty and for sharing your beliefs and techniques in navigating the peaks and valleys of life. You have earned my respect.

  • Anonymous

    The people who complain are suffering from a loss of percieved integrity. The keyword here is perceived.

    Tony has never said he can create perfection and had never claimed to be perfect.

    Look at your own lives before you judge others. Especially others who have tried to help people. money or no money these people are your fellow human beings.

    And to the Christians, look at the limitations of your beliefs and how they effect your emotions of outrage and hatred.

  • Anonymous

    I read Tony Robbins books and attended his UPW-Unleash the power within seminar. His techniques are good but what was very disturbing was he was playing NEW AGE music invoking DURGA/KALI ( a blood sucking Indian Goddess) during a mind conditioning session. Most of the people were like sheep not understanding what was going on. I also found pictures online wherein Tony and his new babe Sage are invoking blessing the the name of a Indian guy called SHRI BHAGAWAN. I think Tony is a guy led astray into occult practices by Sage or should she be called Satan ?

  • thenautilusman

    There is not a Christian on earth that has been able to be perfect and follow every letter of the bible exactly. Jesus Christ, the Son of God was the only man to walk on earth to achieve this perfection. Likewise, the life principles that Tony Robbins teaches may not be followed to the letter by all everyday, even by Tony himself (he is human, and not God). This is not grounds to criticize, but merely an opportunity to observe his flawed self and realize that he is human after all. It is certainly no reason for you to abandon his life changing principles. We are always disappointed when one of our "brethren" stumbles, especially when it is your leader. Show some compassion and forgive him for his divorce.

  • Anonymous

    I attended several of Tony's seminars and I think he has a powerful message and that he is genuine. However, during a week seminar in Hawaii in 1992 (Wife Becky was there and she participated in the event) staffers revealed hat Tony had a problem with getting involved with other women and cheating on Becky. That was hard to hear since he was talking to us about how strong their relationship was. As someone said in an earlier post, Tony is human–so he too has personal weaknesses to overcome if he chooses to.

  • PlatinumSolutions

    I have to say that for you all to make comments on such a man that you personally know nothing about is none of your business. I understand what he is saying, he lives and breathes what he teaches and although I haven't done any of his seminars I have been and understand what he teaches and that is Universal laws and principles. this is about being in line with your values and goals. you get what you need from those around you and sometimes you don't when you don't you need to move on and forward and sometimes that means leaving loved ones behind who could be holding you back. I feel you do not understand the laws and principles of the universe that is why you are shocked at his divorce and you are really just looking for someone to blame for your own failures in life. love and light to you all.


  • wahab

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It just seems too complicated and very sophisticated.

  • Angie

    Wow, that divorce took place 9 years ago and people are still judging him. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed to learn he was divorced. But I salute Tony for making a decision he knew will challenge his credibility. His business and his desire to help people is, after all, his first love.

    His desire to make a difference in the lives of others is what he is addicted to. It doesn’t surprise me that he would respond to your email. He was probably was waiting for an opportunity to do so since he felt guilty. He may have even felt like he betrayed his fans.

    Having just attended a recent UPW this past Nov., I listened carefully to how he selected his words about his first marriage. I believe his first marriage to have been a business/personal decision wrapped into one. Subconsciously, he seemed dead set on being a father when he was a young man, a good one, one that doesn't leave a family. We all go through this phase in life and that is to correct what was wrong with our childhood.

    Tony had 4 fathers and of his 4 fathers, he remembers when his biological father walked out on his mother. This is a moment that shaped his life and personality to this day. I am paraphrasing here but right before his father walked out, Tony remembers the simple offerings of a meal from a stranger a day before Thanksgiving. His father was too ashamed to accept the charity. I might have the story wrong, but the very next day, after the visitor from the Good Samaritan, Tony’s father walked out leaving his mother to raise him and his siblings alone. A dreadful experience for he admitted that his mother took out her frustrations on him and his brother.

    It’s my guess is that maybe he saw his first partner as broken and he had a strong desire to fix her drug addict son (he mentioned that his 17 year old son was a junky in the seminar). As with all things, a relationship built on feelings of inadequacy, and not love, leads to remorseful marriage. My other guess would be that when two people enter into a relationship and build a successful business, in some cases, the relationship becomes platonic. I bet Becky became more of his business partner than his lover over the years and we all have an insatiable need to connect with another person. He lost that ability to connect with his first wife, assuming that connection existed in the first place.

    Tony said that the way to a successful relationship albeit one personal or business orientated, is to keep reliving or reinventing the beginning when things are new and exciting. It easier said than done and the fact that he admits that he could not do it (live with a lie) anymore is evidence that we all are human and we have our limitations. What he does in his next relationship is entirely up to him and doesn’t diminish his teachings.

    It just goes to show that we all have to condition ourselves when times are tough and when things are going great. I am reading Awaken the Giant Within. It a welcome retreat having been to his first seminar. Thanks for all of your comments. It definitely got me thinking.

  • Marilynn

    Does "I will" or "I do" really mean anything? Not really. At 53 years old, I can count on both hands the number of couples I know (and I meet a LOT of people in my career…real estate) who have been married to the same person for more than 20 years. Everyone else I know has either never been married, or been divorced at least once. Do those vows mean anything to anyone? Or are they really for now, until I'm no longer happy with you? I think we should change those vows to the reality of what we mean.

    Tony is a great guy. I walked on hot coals with him in D.C. many years ago. Perhaps he should drop the relationship part? By the way, that Turn Fear Into Power seminar changed my whole life for the good. That seminar paved a road for me I likely would never have found.

    Who knows? We live in a strange society, and we can't seem to get it right.

  • Anonymous

    Tony inspires others to live a complete and fulfilled life in whatever it is you desire to do and become, the inspiration he offers is not bound to taking the blame or responsibility when you are not inspired by his work.

    Those who immediately jump to blaming Tony for the bad feeling he left in your mouth after his divorce is interesting, Tony left no such thing in your mouth, you put it there, you created it, and you defend it as well believe in it, this is not Tony's work, it is you're own.

    Each and everyone of us has the power of Choice, Tony offers inspiration, this does not cancel the ability in others to make their own choices.

    In his own life, marriage, i am certain he inspires others to greatness as in his life's work, if those around him who he shares inspiration with decide to make choices that do not share the same vision of his own, he is to blame for those choices?

    The moment someone executes their power of choice he becomes absolutely powerless, all that is left is separation, unless of course the belief in the individual is that others do not have a choice and we hold the power to change them in to seeing things "our" way, then things will work.

    Tony made his choices, his wife made her choices, they do not share the same vision, game over. If Tony had the ability to void out the choices of others, he is the alpha and omega in controlling the lives of others, i would certainly say his failed marriage puts an interesting view point on his work.

    If Tony is not the alpha and the omega and the choices of others are still of their own making, regardless of what he says or does, then it seems his life's work offers incredible value as it was intended regardless of who was included during that phase.

    Tony teaches each of us to define our own lives from within ourselves, not by outside sources, yet some comment they are now re-considering the value of his work due to his divorce, Tony Robbins defines you, or you do?

  • Harry

    This the kind of thing that makes you realize that "truth" exisits outside ourselves. Good ideas can be taught by anyone with a good personality in todays shallow world. Living it out can only be done by a changed heart and belief system. The Bible is that for many. Marriage is a great indicator of where you are personally and spirtitually. Bearing one anothers burdens, compassion, forgiveness, love.

  • Louis

    wow that was a very entertaining read! (the comments) hehe

    that's just the way every girl can't help to love a celebrity… especially a kind that brings a positive influence like him.. he probably can get any girl he wants, it must be insanely hard to resist those babes all the time!

    i think most of what he teaches works great for the average joe, but when you're up there I'm sure it's a totally different game!!


  • Anonymous

    It seems everyone on here thinks Tony left her… has anyone considered the possibility that she was sick and tired of working like a goddam dog and wanted to kick back and Tony wouldn't give it up?

    Or, he's a delusional jackass who has become so big in his own mind that he was too hard to live with?


  • geeta

    LOVE is all about loving and respecting each other's qualities and shortcomings as well. "v do not share same vision at the end" does not explain anything but rejecting the person who loved u the most. leaving a person after 14 years of marriage is a mere cowardness. Dear Anthony Robbins, ur book helped me to recover from my depression. I am greatful to u. Please do remember one thing "what goes around comes around".

  • A woman

    Yes, it shocked me, but after a thought, he's not who we follow. His mission is merely to uncover the old wisdom so each of us can follow our own heart and "seek" our own path.

    Is there anything better one can possibly give us?

    So long as I'm concerned, he never cheated me through his book and I'm thankful for what he shared. That's all I know.

  • Carl

    Judge not and be not judged.
    If what someone is offering resonates with you then go for it. If not, then drop it. Or, simply, take the best and forget the rest.

    Personally, his and Barbara DeAngelis' relationship advise seemed hackneyed and played. I returned the Barb D. tapes and received my money back guarantee, after significant effort.

    No one is good at everything. Personally, I do not know if he is good at relationships. I'd have to meet him, Beck and Sage to form an informed opinion. Meeting his kids would help too.

    Tony is a great teacher and motivator. Matters of the heart come from the heart. Life experience teaches; words, physiology and tonality do not teach in matters of the heart. And I would wager that we all know this, in our hearts.

    Tony is great but he made 2 mistakes, IMO.
    He thinks he can give/teach/convey/role model and so on relationship advise and have it work and second, he continues to give relationship advice.

  • Hugh

    Thanks for posting this, it was interesting. Tony teaches living with passion and creating a life you are proud of.

    If getting a divorce is what made his life better, than that is what he had to do. People change, situations change, nothing is static.

    It's not about sticking to something forever, it is about learning and growing.

  • rahuljnair

    Only thing I want to say is "Bullshit". This man is preaching and making money. He says all these to somebody and not practicing.
    See how he wrote the core lines of explanation. This is like a crap

  • Anonymous

    Look, life is life. Just because Tony Robbins teaches strategies to be successful, doesn't mean that two people can't grow apart. He gave an honest answer – THE TWO OF THEM GREW APART – PERIOD END OF STORY. What's the problem??

  • Anonymous

    Tony explained the divorce at a Date With Destiny event. His ex wife Becky was very manipulative and 'trapped' Tony into marrying her. She was warned that Tony was not ready to marry and had lots of girlfriends, but she hung around and threw away phone messages from oher girls etc. until she caught Tony kissing another girl, and Tony felt so bad that he had hurt her by this, he proposed to her. Tony could not be himself in his own home, Becky thought he was too loud. Imagine Tony trying to keep down his voice, when that's a big part of who he is. Tony asked for a divorce as he could not see things improving and Becky asked him to keep this a secret for over a year, which Tony agreed to. Becky even wanted Tony's Fiji resort as part of the divorce settlement, but luckily for Tony, Becky changed her mind and let him keep after Tony did not fight her for it and said she could have it. From what I know Sage did live blood tests for Tony's mastery university students, which is were Tony met her.

  • todd

    I think you are a bad man for questioning Tony Robbins about his marriage. Shame on you!! He has helped more people than you've personally known! So what if he got divorced. He got out a bad situation and improved his life, his kids life, and his ex wife's life. That is a good thing. Nice way to be a jerk!

  • Muddassir.hussain

    Todd, thats what we call 'insanity', people like you love to comment but doesn't try to read the article, read it twice and then comment such a lame comment…

  • Earl

    I just banged Tony Robbins, so I can tell all of you that he is cheating on his current wife too.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what to think anymore.Does it matter or doesn't it? Is there such a thing as a knowledgeable motivational speaker or are we just lookin for answers cause all else if failing

  • Anonymous

    Ill tell you what, Anthony getting divorced doesn't bother me at all, I would still be a fan of his books…. its all the talk about how he cheats, now thats a sign of a "creep". If hes dishonest with women in his life why would he be honest with anyone else

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  • Kevinbaisley

    This was interesting to know. Thanks for asking the question. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Tony Robbins and am sure that indeed it was a very difficult situation. Thank you, Tony, for inspiring me to change me life!

  • Truthster

    Well, in my view, Robbins is not that “smart” at all. He is a high-school drop out, and he believes some very flakey stuff. 
    Personally, I think his greatest “skill” is his utter ruthlessness, while being able to make people think he is a wonderful guy just out to “help people”. Its that “profound duplicity”, which seems to make him effective. This is why so many of his followers cannot believe what a total, ruthless, manipulative super-asshole the guy really is. They can’t even imagine it. 

    I don’t know if his ex-wife really did destroy his stuff, or if he is using it as an excuse to try and keep those lawyers from looking into his personal life. 
    Of course, I can only speculate, but it could very well be that his ex-wife went berserk, after she finally realized that Tony had totally played her, used her, and dumped her while lying to her face. Just think, if she really went and destroyed EVERYTHING, then what does that say? It seems to say to me that she realized that the Tony Robbins is some type of psychopathic manipulator, who is a total fraud. That is pretty heavy stuff. 

    On the other hand, she may have destroyed SOME things, and then Tony just used that as an excuse to avoid giving the lawyers any information. In my view, Robbins would keep all sorts of backup info around. 

    But if she really did destroy ALL of this stuff, that is very profound. 
    You see, Tony Robbins thinks of himself as a type of “Leonardo Da Vinci” and all of his journals were a type of record he was keeping for “posterity” as they would show how this “great man” pulled himself up by his bootstraps. I have no doubt that Robbins sees his journals and stuff on the same level as Leonardo, something “for the ages”. 

    So his ex-wife knew this, and likely believed it for a long time as well. What does that say if she went and DESTROYED ALL of his stuff? She is saying that he is a complete fraud, and that all of his stuff is utterly worthless junk, and a big lie, and a big-con. Could there be any clearer message? 

    If Becky Robbins really did destroy all of Tony’s history and stuff, then in my view she did a wonderful public service. It has been clear for some time that Robbins is a pathological liar, and is an utterly ruthless man, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 
    If Becky destroyed all of his stuff, this seems to me to acknowledge that the guy is a total, utter fraud. Frankly, I think he is. Its a quite complex total con-job, and most people cannot see it. Perhaps it all came together in Becky’s mind, and she finally saw what was going on with this maniac. She would have seen the horrible things he has done to many others for many many years. But when he finally turned on her too, maybe she just finally saw the light? 

    Just think of the depths of what she must have been thinking and feeling to do that. I don’t find it unbelievable at all. This Tony Robbins guy has ruined many people’s lives, I have seen the wreckage first hand in what he did to some people. 
    He’s a very sick man, who is totally self-obsessed to a perverse degree. 
    But what’s even worse, is that he is very skilled at making himself appear like this swell guy who is your best friend. 
    This is extremely dangerous. 

    If Becky did destroy all of Tony’s stuff, then my hat goes off to her for spontaneously acting out of a sense of integrity and dignity. She saved the future from the lies of a supreme Con-Man, who has fooled almost everyone. 
    The guy is just a salesman, and a super-manipulator, and a pathological liar, who will literally say ANYTHING to make the sale. 

    It would make a truly excellent movie…I can see the scene where the longtime faithful wife, finally sees the Truth about her sicko husband, and his decades of lies, and feels such guilt and horror for being a part of this, that she goes and destroys everything from his false past of lies. 
    And the movie would end with the Guru damaged, but still surrounded by adoring brainwashed fans, with the Guru paying off women he has sexually harrassed, and getting richer, and getting even more arrogant, and more dangerous… 

    • Conrad

      What are these allegations based on? I don’t think that a person such as Tony Deserves this. All he says makes absolute sense so no one can say that this is brain washing its more brain cleansing to make your goals cristal clear. I can match what he says with prominent philosophers and the fundamentals are the same. I don’t know what motivates you to write that but I think that what you wrote is far from reality most probably the opposite. However good luck with your blogging but I would turn it with positive thoughts.

    • Marko

      i was wondering if you could write the word “destroy” or “destroyed” a few more times…

    • Josh

      wow… i don’t get why you’d write something so lengthy – if it isn’t even your own life? Some things just don’t need worrying about..

    • Sellinsur

      It sems that you have lots of time to waste and a spirit full of hate. How old are you? because you are repeating a lot. Check for alzheimers or dmentia are in order

    • Geoffrey

      What if Becky destroyed all his stuff? Did you ever consider that?!? LOL.

    • Geoffrey

      Tell you the truth man, I think you should focus on your own life. That’s pretty sad.

    • GharlieDWJ

      I think if you’re going to go around saying stuff like that, openly hypothesizing online without evidence, smearing a guy’s name like that, online & to that degree, you really ought to expect some form of legal response, quite frankly.

    • I think you may have some issues you need to resolve

    • Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

    • Ken ready

      Dear Youngster:
      You have a lot to learn. On the contrary, “you are dangerous” Whatever is going on in your life may be trauma to you , but you have no business to degrade others because you could not fix yourself through their guidance. No one can fix you, you have to fix you. Tony Robbins, the rest of the world, and especially “me” are not perfect angels and we are subject to live up to our own set standards, which may be, at times, out of reach. If Tony screwed up in his own marriage then he did it. If Becky destroyed his property, then she elected to do it, not anyone else. If Becky’s defense is “he drove me to it” well guess what; she chose her own reaction. I’ve been fortunate to be in the front row or a few rows back in several of Robbins seminars + drilling his tapes and cd’s into my own brain. For me 95% of his material works and 5% I don’t get.
      Just my opinion, but if I were TR and 24 years old, trying to figure out life and a career in human behavior, I would be drawn towards a beautiful woman like Becky because of the promise of instant family, excitement, adventure, and passion. IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE TONY ROBBINS INTENTIONALLY LIED ABOUT ANYTHING DURING HIS SEMINARS, I SUGGEST YOU GO BACK TO THE 3RD GRADE AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK. What you do not recognize, is that he made so much money so much and so fast during the 1980’s almost every Attorney General in the US were looking at him for a scam. Guess what… he came out clean!
      Chances are, the reason Robbins was drawn to Becky was because she was a mystery, unpredictable, and challenged him. As far as Tony deliberately lying to someone…That ain’t happenin’;

      • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

        I think you said it best “no one can fix you, you have to fix you.”.

        We can’t empower anyone else with that responsibility. Tony Robbins changed a great deal in my life, but when I met him in person and thanked him for how he changed my life, he gently corrected me and said “you did the changing”.

        Without being accountable to ourselves, we don’t have the power to change what we need to change.

        Whatever Tony decided regarding his own relationship, is none of my business. It certainly doesn’t mean all of what he was able to teach me was now negated. I still feel the powerful techniques and have fond memories of all the amazing changes I was able to make.

        To all of you fellow Christians I admonish you “judge not that ye be not judged”. It is not our job to judge anyone… we are simply here to love others and do our best in our own lives. The rest truly is none of our business.

        p.s. Toria… what other people think of you is none of you business. You make your own decisions based on your own values. No one gets to judge you … it’s not our business.

      • Anon

        Good comment, I too bought Personal Power 2 about 17 years ago….its been invaluable……@ George Walker picking up something for free shows the value you placed in it and apparently you missed the curve.
        The pick represents a design of a clock that’s totally unique and business that was started after doing that course. I can redo it once a year as life changes.

        Re Tony: it’s non of anybody’s Beeswax😁

  • Califchris2011

    Till death do us part unless your wife does not share your “vision.” Alrightie then.

    • Daniyal Qureshi

      Now that’s entertaining Chris!

    • ROFL

      are you suggesting he should have murdered his wife ?! XD

    • “Until death do us part” is ssoooooo outdated & unrealistic (over 40%divorce rate!!!) in today’s world & a lot if people remove that part from their vows!

      • ashley gonzalez


        Interesting you said “vow”. I don’t believe people believe in them anymore. When you vow to someone you are bound by that promise. And yes, death, as well as infidelity, should be the reasons that a vow in marriage can be broken.

      • Dan J

        Not in my book Erica. I vowed and made a commitment to my wife 30 years ago. Marriage is sacrificial love and at times giving up your own interest for your spouse. Unfortunately I agree with the 40% divorce rate. It is sad and so many people see marriage has a “game” or “what can I get out of the relationship” as opposed to a commitment or vow of love to the other person. Sad very sad, indee3ed

        • Orange Bettaboy

          What if a person in a marriage does try to murder the spouse. Is that the “until death do us part”? Then time to reconsider this ancient thought.

    • JackB

      “Till death do us part”

      Isn’t that a made up wording in most Christian marriages? What makes you think all people have to follow that? The fact is, people do have differences and sometimes it is better to separate and live a happy life than to stay together and be miserable till death.



  • Toria

    I am a fan of Anthony Robbins and can only speak about how he has helped me in my life. If what he teaches doesn’t work for you, don’t listen to him or read his books. But for those of us whose life he’s changed, he’s a godsend. The fact his own marriage didn’t work out doesn’t bother me. Relationships are difficult and unless you have inside knowledge of what goes on between those involved in a relationship, you are not in a position to judge. Lots of people get divorced for various reasons and no one has the right to tell two people to stay together if one person isn’t happy. I love my husband but there are days I’d like to end our marriage. And he by the way, is an incredible man. He just needs to grow up! And if he doesn’t and I choose to end the marriage, it will be MY choice and MINE alone. No one will ever be able to tell me I made the wrong decision. I live my life making decisions based on what works for ME. Not based on what other people want. I respect Anthony Robbins for even bothering to answer the email at all when he could have simply ignored it. Most people would have. Until it’s proven he’s a fraud and his teachings stop working for me, I will continue to use them to improve the quality of MY life. And as for everyone else, they can do what works best for them.

    • AwesomeHusband

      I pray that you end the relationship, or better yet your husband comes to his senses and ends it. From your egocentric and selfish commentary, It sounds like your husband would be way better off without you.

      • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

        doesn’t appear you’re the “awesomeHusband” you think you are. sheeesh! =(

        • russ hook

          B0W W0W! Got jerky knees?

          • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

            was that supposed to make sense?

            lol. i guess I hit a nerve. sometimes the truth hurts a bit…

          • russ hook

            Nope, no nerve. Jou are just a male bitch, a mitch. lol That’s typical today. And JOU wouldn’t know the ‘truth’ if it kicked you in the c**t. Robbins is a SATANIST most likely involved in mind control. There are many out there in influential positions.

      • Truthteller

        Mate, you need to do study some Tony Robbins materials. Toria was not egocentric or selfish at all. “Selfishness is, not living the way you want to live, but telling others to live the way you want them to live”. Her life is hers, and like yourself, when God made Toria, he gave her total freedom to live the life that she deserves. Awesome Husband, I think you are just sexist..

        • russ hook

          “Mate” JOU need to GROW A PAIR! bitch

        • Angela Winters

          Perhaps you and Toria should hook up, which would take her smug self-righteousness off her husband’s hands and he will then have the opportunity to find someone who wants a mate, not a punching-bag.

      • Angela Winters


    • Theresa

      You are truly not a Christian by saying that nobody has the right to tell two people to stay together if one person isn’t happy. God did not say so. God said ”what I have joined together, let no one put asunder”. As soon as people get married, the person they are married to becomes the right person. God hates divorce and if you are a Christian, you rather obey God than your feelings and do everything to make your marriage work in reverence fear of God. What shall it profit you to gain your way by satisfying your feelings and lose your soul by disobeying God.
      Thanks. A word is enough for the wise.

      • Standin4myman

        Love everything you said! Standing for my marriage! Until death, through infidelity and even abandonment! God will restore! I made a vow. That’s for life. I said for better and for worse not just better. Thank God our Lord doesn’t dump us when we turn from Him! Restoremarriage.org

        • Wow

          This is an old post but really I know a vow is a vow but a desperate and scared to be alone person puts up with infidelity and abandonment. I’m stunned you believe a loving God expected that of you. I’m sure does wonders for your self esteem. Wow. You don’t sound like you feel very worthy. I hope you’ve felt more of it since post.

        • DeeM cSweeney

          God does not want you to be married to someone who has cheated on you and abandoned you. He provides for divorce under two circumstances. One being Adultery, and Fornication which he HATES and calls an abomination. Paul admonishes us in the book of 1Corinthians 7vs 1-20, (please look it up as it is too long to quote.) on the relationships that are pleasing to God and the ones that you are better off to be separated or divorced. I would encourage you to read those scriptures and see how they apply to your life. Pray about it and then make a decision based on what you know God has said through his word.
          The other provision for divorce in the bible is when you are unequally yoked with an unbeliever. 2 corinthians 6 vs 14-15 “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? 15What accord has Christ with Belial?b Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever?”
          If you read those scriptures you will notice that God acknowldedges our free will to make decisions to make our lives better and to keep relationships that will benefit us and not hinder us. (I hope this has blessed you or someone else in the same situation)

          • Orange Bettaboy

            If one is being abused another. And if no one reads of it in “scripture” then learn to think on your own feet.

      • Willow Leaf

        I remember reading in the bible something about judgement. do you Theresa

      • Cazzie

        You are a perfect specimen of a person brainwashed in religion. Word to the wise, God has no religion.

        BTW, if you want to quote scripture at least quote it right.
        Might want take Matthew 7 for a spin while you’re at it.

        • russ hook

          OK, Does Matt bend for a friend like JOU do? lol

      • TV

        Theresa, I wish you didn’t bring up religion.

      • joopiteer

        Is it Christian to lie, to cheat? Is it Christian to commit adultery, or all of these sins? And, if they are all sins, why aren’t we mentioning any of them? Donald Trump has been divorced, I certainly don’t see Christians making a fuss about it. Ronald Reagan was also divorced, again, no fuss made about that. It seems our “religiousness” is selective. The truth is, there are no perfect people, everyone has sinned, but we cherish those we like and despise the others. Obama has never been divorced, and most Christians despise him. Jimmy Carter has never been divorced, and again, Christians never have anything good to say about him. Christianity has become a Republican Franchise, attempting to justify it’s own flaws, by pointing out the sins of others.

        • elizabeth kelly

          For all your Christian advocating you too seem very judgmental. Only God can judge. I believe in marriage, but in some cases, I also believe in divorce. Some times it is emotionally and mentally healthy to do so. Why endure years of non ending physical and emotional abuse or cheating. Some people married horrible people who never showed their evil side until after marriage. Yes, some people are plain evil.

          • russ hook

            And some people are PLAIN ST000PID who marry at the drop of a hat.

          • russ hook

            Nope, I can judge any time I want to, bc I am part of God. It’s called DISCERNMENT. Got JEW Age beLIEfs hunny?

      • Guy Szerlip

        Really Christian; the biggest hypocrites of all. To involve religious beliefs in this conversation is ignorant in itself.

    • Theresa

      Toria, you are such a proud and egocentric lady. From the way you are writing, it shows that Tony’s books have worked negatively in your life. I hear the voice of an angry and unfulfilled lady. If you say that you love your husband but there are days you feel like ending the relationship bc he needs to grow up. That sounds sadistic and very selfish bc all u talk about is that u do whatever u want to do whenever u want to do it without reasoning with anybody or bothering how ur spouse will feel about it.
      Tony’s book is about people growing up and tackling obstacles and correcting truth in love. It’s not about giving urself license to be selfish.
      U love the word divorce bc u have no fear of God who ordained marriage in the first place and said He hates divorce.

    • Jennifer Fotheringham

      Toria, I know you wrote your response four years ago but I’d like to comment on it because I believe you are 100% correct! And good for you for standing to that. Tony didn’t have to respond – what difference does some critical stranger matter to him? No doubt Tony Robbins has had his share of criticism from tons of people who don’t really understand what he teaches. Nobody can be in someone’s head, so everything I write here is conjecture – but if I were to hazard a couple of guesses as to why someone as successful as TR would bother to respond to a query, it might be these: First, that the public perception of him as not following his own creed doesn’t sit well with him because it isn’t true; and, second, that he wants to clear up a common misunderstanding that maybe some people make about what he teaches: to explain that just because someone loves and respects another doesn’t mean that a change in the dynamic doesn’t happen – usually from awareness of something. From his response, it sounds like he learned something – maybe about himself, his ex, their vision, what needs they were filling in being with each other. We don’t need to know the reasons because they’re irrelevant. All we know is that something didn’t work. And for someone who seems principled and takes ownership for thinking about what he values instead of turning to other sources to dictate those values to him, it would make sense that Tony Robbins would be more afraid of not living up to his own values and creed than the emotional costs of honesty. I could be wrong. I don’t know the guy. I’m assuming none of us does. But if any of that is at all correct, a guy like TR wouldn’t settle for living a false existence. He is likely the kind of person who is brave enough to address the painful truths and decide to act on what he believes in order to live in accordance with his values. In my opinion, his decisions – both to leave his unhealthy relationship, as well as in responding to the current question – suggest that he values honesty and respects others, even if the cost is rejection and pain. I gather that honesty, no matter how it might feel to all involved, is a way for him to respect those he loves, including himself. TR might be one of the few people who intrinsically understands that you can’t build an honest life by hiding from the truth and that working toward a loving solution sometimes means doing the painful thing instead of the publicly appealing one.
      That’s my take on it anyway. And thank you, Toria, for rising in defence of an honest guy so often falsely accused of ingenuousness.

      • Radicalconformist

        I thank you for taking the time to respond to my wife’s post from 4 years ago. I come here from time to time in order to remember her and how she affected positively those around her. She was a loving and incredible wife, but was also human. She loved life and lived it to the fullest. Our family miss her dearly.

    • elizabeth kelly

      I think your reply is great. I just watched one self help video, and he has already helped me understand what is behind a certain emotion I am experiencing. I believe continuing to watch his videos will also help me understand others better also. The man is brilliantly intuitive.

    • Ojas Devam
  • Speedie

    What’s with sage’s plumped out lips & super botoxed forehead? Yuck

    • Stacks

      The guy is rich, popular and happy. THAT is why u have an issue with him. Again, why YOU have an issue. Find God, go to counseling, do something besides bitch about another’s life choices. You are where you are because of YOUR choices.

      • Trev

        god isn’t real, duh

      • lalo

        How do you know he is happy? Is it beause he likes to sexually take advantage of women?

        • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

          i’ve met him. he’s one of the most content, attentive, calm, happy people I have ever met.
          Has nothing to do with sexuality. It says a lot about YOU though that had to equate sex with happiness. Hmmmm..

    • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

      What’s with speedie’s deflated sense of self and super superficial mindset? Yuck!

  • david kennedy

    Life happens, if you can predict the future of yours or others relationships go make money as a fortune teller. If not.. shut up.

  • Dean Beneke

    I use Tony`s techniques all the time, for those who want to judge Tony`s life ,when u watching a game u can always play it better until u play the game yourself.

  • Twat Whacker

    Get over it guys! Becky got old. An old broad is no fun. Be practical. A rich due deserves to fuck a young, wet, and slippery pussy. It’s his right. I bet even Becky understood it. She should. After all, Tony wasn’t her first rodeo! Actually, I am surprised that Tony lived with her so long. I respect the dude for his Jesus-like patience. RESPECT!!!

  • ashraf

    ashraf chadury is a boob… hahahhahaha…

  • bebe

    I saw TR many years ago in HI when he was doing firewalks and married to becky. I went to several of his seminars, bought lots of books and tapes, and although it says he met his present wife and married her a year later, I just watched a video which says he married her after a year…


    I am glad that his info is useful to lots of people. I did experience a lapse in his integrity while at a seminar, which affected me and was disappointed, someone even called him on it, yet, we are all human. If it works for you, go for it!
    gey gezunterheit!

  • George Walker

    At 6′ 7″ and 245 lbs,, this guy can’t run around the block let alone inspire anybody but losers. When professional athletes hire him to motivate them, Tony cannot believe that his B.S. has worked for him all of these years. I laugh at his empowerment tapes and the fact that he divorced his wife of 12 years to chase another man’s wife. He has never played professional sports or has never competed in any real sports other than to chase another man’s wife. She will leave him too, as she finds out what a charlatan he actually is……..This guy has a gift of B.S. and people buy his B.S. and even Tony can’t believe it…..

    • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

      George, You seem to have some issues. Have you ever done any work using Tony’s courses or books?
      It doesn’t sound like it, but I don’t like to assume. I would really encourage you to see just what it is that you think you are so informed about regarding Tony. He’s quite amazing! =)

      • George Walker

        Anti-knee, Tony’s courses are a waste of time and money. I picked them up for free at the Salvation Army after they were thrown out by other knowledgeable people. Tony doesn’t use his own techniques and doesn’t take his own advice. Your opinion is the opposite of mine and you are entitled to your opinion. Why do I have issues because I disagree with you. Ad Hominem, is a fallacy wherein you attack the author personally rather than attack my argument. Keep buying Tony’s courses and his BS. I voted with my dollars and saved for my kid’s education rather than support Tony’s next vacation and new other man’s wife.Hahahahaha

        • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

          I actually bought his live events (including the video based courses he had at franchises years ago.) Here’s what happened to me:
          a) I lost 30 pounds effortlessly over the following six months. I didn’t follow a diet.. i simply felt I wanted to be healthier, and I did this NOT focusing on changing anything about my food beliefs.I simply felt better about me and it was a natural progression.
          b) I became vegetarian. (This was 20 years ago.. something stuck there.. still not eating red meat)
          c) Changed my career path to completely veer into something i wanted and craved doing. No longer stuck in what people think i SHOULD do. this was powerful for me… in many ways other than career as well.

          All of these things happened WITHOUT will power.. and in some cases, i wasn’t aware I was doing anything differently as I suddenly started getting new and improved results.

          These things were all in place in my life before i firewalked with Tony and that experience only helped me further.

          Ad hominem.. I’m fully familiar with that term. It’s when you attack someone (i.e. Tony) personally rather than dealing with their point of view. Thank you for the fine example of it. = ) (and for illustrating how people like to deflect when they can’t argue the points and feel defensive.).

          Also check out “assumption”. It’s where you assumed that “other knowledgeable people” threw out their courses. =)

          Everyone can bash people and not take responsibility for their own issues. Those that take Tony’s courses that WANT to change, will change in various ways. If they go expecting to be “healed” without being open to doing the work, they won’t experience anything helpful. I’ve seen it many times.

          It saddens me that you feel a need to bash simply because Tony’s work isn’t for you. But as someone that has not only experienced massive changes as a result of his courses and NLP in general, I know it does work if you want it to. Simply because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

          Also, some people like yourself, need to be more engaged than simply reading a book or listening to a cassette tape. The live events are extremely powerful and perhaps that’s why you didn’t feel Tony’s “courses” didn’t work for you.

          Something tells me you aren’t interested in anything other than getting 15 minutes of fame on a forum where you can anonymously bash someone you’ve never met and feel like a big man on campus, so to speak. But if by chance you really do want to help yourself, try opening your mind to the fact that others are successful and operate differently than you do. That’s free will.. that’s freedom and we all have the right and opportunity to live our lives the way we feel works best for ourselves and those around us.

          • George Walker

            hahaha, Anti-Knee, you are infatuated with hearing yourself talk. This is a blog to address what you will about Tony Robbins, not to criticize what others have to say. You want to give the appearance that you are intelligent. It is better to be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt. Ok, you are right and I am wrong, does that make you feel better. Can you please not respond to this post and just go off into the night without needing to voice your opinion again to me again? I bet you can’t just stop!!!!!!!!! You have such a need to be heard and you want people to think you are witty. Prove me wrong and just shut the F up!!!!!!!

          • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

            Another deflection and assumption! So cute, George! (i was right about your 15 minutes of fame.. thx for the confirmation)

            You are wrong about this blog is here to address. The blog was actually something that you didn’t even address. You just feel the need to hate others and will find any blog or forum to do so.

            It’s no wonder why you don’t get anything from his courses – there is no way you will entertain anyone else except your own voice!

            Good luck with that approach… and hey! feel free to respond yet again after disappearing for months after your original post.. but responding to mine within minutes.

            You really must have a lot to say and no one else in real life is listening!

            Good luck george… *waves contentedly*

            p.s. i did prove you wrong. =) One day you’ll listen and see it.. or maybe not. whatever. =)

        • Sandra

          Your an ignorant jerk…I’ll bet your wife agrees.
          Tony Robbins is the guy who helped me channel the strength and vision I had to start my life again after my first husband’s death. I stayed married to a bully of a man because he was sick . Through a 16 year marriage he was employed only 4 years he used his health to excuse himself from responsibility in short he was an adult child. We had two children to raise instead of being a roll model he was a dictator no one had a voice but him. My children and I have discussed it many times and we all agree a divorce would have been a happier better solution than waiting for his death. I used head phones and listen to Tony Robbins tapes.I studied them like my college courses. Then when my husband died I put into action all I had learned from Tony. I started my own business within a year of my husband’s death which took me off food stamps and is still providing me with a comfortable living since 1994 to the present time. Through my work I also became aquanted with my present husband who is a blessing in my life. We love each other dearly and my children respect and cherish him as well. So I surely disagree with you concerning divorce. Staying married is in some cases destructive . As for Tony he reaffirmed what I already knew and then some. He was a driving force in my life to help me along at a time when I needed all the help I could get. I just bought two more of his books and I hope he does take a vacation with the money it’s his he earned it.

          • George Walker

            To Sandra and all you Tony Robbins Fans who drank the Kool-Aid. You must be liberals because you refuse to let another person have a divergent opinion without you attacking them personally and just simply disagreeing with their opinion. Continue to buy his crap. He knows if you have to loose weight you have to shut your pie-hole and push away from the table. That is something you and Tony cannot do. He is this 6 Ft plus Giant out of shape and flabby giving advice about staying in physical and mental shape. He couldn’t stay away from another man’s wife…..hahahahahahaha

          • Sandra

            George. ….my grandmother taught me “Never argue with a fool, bystanders won’t know which ones the fool”. I’ll pray for you.

          • George Walker

            Both you and your grandmother are fools. Is that what this is, “An Argument”. Argument-
            a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong. Sandra, I am not trying to persuade you of a thing but rather giving my opinion. Whereas you are the one arguing with yourself and your grandmother… Who is the fool and who is just plain foolish….I guess both describe you hahahahahahahaha

          • Tdog

            Hey George: Robbins has been a registered Republican for quite some time. He doesn’t keep it a secret…

  • Lubna

    well, it is not important that a relation-saving guru should be able to save his own. I always believed, if u r not comfortable in a relationship, get out of it soon as possible before u ruin ur rest of the life. My sis found this thought of mine quite shocking and she said u r crazy of saying that. upon which i responded that it is better to save ur and ur partner’s life rather than compromising for nothing in the relationship. everyone tries to survive and sustain in their relationship first of all; but when enough is taken one should get out of it. PLUS, never give a 2nd opportunity to the same person to get along again. that will hardly work and which will land u nowhere. I respect those ppl who respect themselves and others lives – who takes the best available initiatives towards a suffocating relationship.

    • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

      good points. that’s looking at the big picture.. nice to see.

  • Theresa

    Hi Tony. I first heard about you when I read Dog Chapman’s book. He spoke well of how you motivated his life.
    I would like to know what role God plays in your life and teachings.
    Thanks. Theresa

    • George Walker

      Dog Chapman is hanging on to the bottom rung of life. He is a racist and I guess that is supported by Tony Robbins teachings.

  • loni

    Hi, I am speechless for the help I had from You Therapist Oniha of the winexbackspell@gmail.com Everything has changed for good….no… for Great…I would never realize that I got back my Best and only LOVE after all the bad things I did and said to her… Well, I JUST WANT TO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AS I HAVE PROMISE TO SHEAR YOUR GOODNESS ROUND THE BLOG UNTIL DEATH TAKE ME,I AM INDEED HAPPY FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND PATIENCE… I will keep on shearing your goodness as long as i am happy !!! Thanks a lot for your help Therapist Oniha OF THE winexbackspell@gmail.com FOR I AM SO GRATEFUL.

  • Eri Cad

    I appreciate T.Robbins actually addressing this ludicrous email. I think the issue is people put others on a pedestal then when they turn out to be human folks feel betrayed. I’m reading Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within and its an amazing book. I never get the intention that he hasn’t made mistakes. I don’t think his work is about that. I think its about changing your life through your thoughts and turning those into action. As someone mentioned relationships are hard work and sometimes despite our best efforts we have to walk away. I don’t think it damages his credibility because his marriage didn’t work. We all are going to make mistakes, we will all experience hardships and disappointments but what I’m learning from his book is when rough patches happen its up to me to decide focus on the good or bad. Its up to me to decide how that rough patch effects the rest of my life. I’ve realized how much control I DO HAVE over my life thats a powerful concept

  • Anti-KneeJerkReaction

    A most kind letter to you, especially given that it isn’t any business of ours and he didn’t have to tell you anything. It doesn’t surprise me – this is a man that has class and integrity and this mail to you was forthright without divulging any private details. I am really impressed that he didn’t badmouth anyone at all… and in a relationship sometimes there are things we are tempted to say about the other person.
    Thank you for sharing this letter. It reminds me that we grow and change and that sometimes what we knew at 17 about ourselves, simply doesn’t work anymore when we have grown and changed. We do what we can to keep any vows we make to ourself and others, but we can only do our best. We are fallible but thankfully God knows this and understands our intent and doesn’t base his love on our actions.

  • Amy Love

    Anthony Robbins is offered grace like all Christians so I am appalled by so many Christians who feel they should take the judgment seat that only belongs to GOD and judge him. That seems worldly not Christian but then again who am I to judge. To Anthony Robbins and all those who sought to reach for the moon and land on a star: you are like a bright light and may you be a blessing to the world and may you be blessed with a heart of peace and a true understanding of faith. And may we all be blessed to see good in our world. Seek garbage and ye will find it. Seek light and you will find it. Where you focus is where your heart is. A heart for our LORD is seeking whatever is lovely and pure.

  • hope mary

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  • Addson

    I’m not judging, but I know someone that was regularly having an affair with Tony when he came to town. He had his weaknesses like anyone else.

  • DeoneBe

    This is a canned letter: http://youtu.be/-9yu7HF8j4E .

  • ugottabe kidding me

    why couldn’t he use his “strategies to improve his forst marriage..well i guess because his first wife wasn’t blonde…..

  • Unlimited1

    Wow. All this from that? I think it is obvious we all suffer from the same thing..the human condition. I per chance, doing some research started reading this thread and was blown away by some of the comments. It helps me in life to just focus on my own shortcomings of which I have plenty, and when I finally become perfect then I will start picking everybody else apart. Until then I have my hands full. Join the crowd, everybody. Now of us are exempt

  • DT

    “Til death do you part is right”
    However, it is greatly possible that had I stayed in my first marriage, that might have already come to pass!!
    What? you say?
    One major reason I finally went was because my wife began to do all the physical attacking [I won’t mention her heritage!]
    In fact, she was so vicious that I began to fear for my life … that she might kill me with a knife, or something, while sleeping! She was Hopeless … and nasty and dangerous.
    Things were bad: Yes. But it was the danger she was causing everybody, including our little daughter that made me say, it must end!

  • wrpodmore

    “The secret is making certain the person you select shares your values and vision.” This is assuming that going into it, one’s vision and values will not change over time, which is highly unlikely.

  • Baskin Robbins

    Why do people read articles like this and immediately have to make it about themselves or religion. Tony Robbins is a fallible person like the rest of us, he teaches others to learn from mistakes, he says nothing about never making making them. His relationship with his wife is no more anyone else’s concern then what he choses to spend his money on. Come on people, Tony was very cool for responding…I see a little rhetoric slipped in with his reply but good on him for replying. No matter, Tony Robbins PERSONAL relationship with his wife didn’t work out…its his business and her business…they got past it, may I suggest that you all do the same.

    Good day to you people 🙂

  • Tawny

    I love Tony Robbins, his information helps get me going and keep me going. I am not a fan of divorce but I do believe like everything else there is a place for everything in life. The only people who know what is truly going on in a marriage are the two people that are married. Your spouse gets to know you better than anyone else. They know intimate details about your life, they see you in your finest hours, and also your weakest hours. In other words, they can say or do things to you that can break you in ways most people can’t. I am only defending his decision, because I too have the exact same problems of having to compromise my wants for the person I am with. If deep down you desire one thing and your spouse desires another, its not fair to the other person to have to settle just so society can say “look they been together 50 yrs”. What seems great to one person may leave another feeling unfulfilled.

    Real case …. one woman remarries and her new husband molested her 12 yr old son, she kept her husband and sent her child to live with the father. I guess the marriage was more important than the child’s psychological well being and knowing the mother loves him and didn’t condole the action.

    There are more cases, they are other ones but I don’t want to be here all day. My friend husband beats her and she left him, left all the money and only asked for custody of the daughter and he dragged her to court where the judge said he is not going to take a child out of life of luxury and put her in a life of poverty. So my friend went back to her husband because she had a hard time dealing with her 8 yr old asking “mommy why don’t you come home, daddy says says he loves you but you ran away”. Now she pops pills and tries to cope with an abusive marriage, but golly she kept those marriage vows. One day her husband will change.

    People know what they honestly feel and you can’t put a price on happiness and pretending to be happy will just make everyone miserable. Once the shame of marriage not working out is over, both partners can find happiness and joy, because they are stronger more knowledgeable people.

    I respect everyone’s opinion but when you get into the heart of marriage matters, you have to have specific detail about each relationship. One opinion, not mines or anyone else’s fits every situation.

    I send my blessing to Tony Robbins for his impact on myself and everyone else and truly hope all parties have happiness.

  • Sujeranovic Ljubomir

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  • Brownsuga


  • Arie Borealis

    Interesting phenomenon for a life coach… Tony Robbins son Jairek was born in 1986 to Tony Robbins and Liz Acosta… While was married to Becky Robbins … What a fine example what not to do…

  • Harry

    Christianity masquerading as self help. All salespeople are duplicitous scum. Americans and Pakistani people are the dregs. Fuck you all.

  • Ashley

    Goodness…i have been reading a few of these comments and am amazed. Truth is, relationships are difficult. This subject could never be understood or perfected by anyone least not Anthony. When we get married..we feel as though we love that person enough to marry..raise a family..share dreams and goals and grow older together. I ended my 17 year marriage and it was the hardest thing i ever had done. But, after years of supporting and encouraging my husband it became obvious that if i had no respect for him anymore it would be impossible to be good for each other. Sometimes, there is a time to wave the white flag. Divorce is sad and can be destructive. How you treat each other during and after the divorce makes the difference in how God may look upon you:) Anthony’s first wife is beautiful and i am certain he has provided well for her and his children. Divorce doesn’t have to be ugly…and frankly IF a person leaves their partner for a younger woman and because they are a little bored in their current marriage then it will not be long before that warm fuzzy turns ..comfortable:) and lines begin the show…if his reasons truly are different life visions then i am certain they will be better off but i personally think that if you spend some time talking about what you want it may surprise you that you have more in common than you think:) never leave because your relationship is dull…..shake it up for goodness sake!!!

  • russ hook

    ASShraf needs to wipe that brown shit off his face! Robbins is a SATANIST at best! Satan will help you short term but be prepared to literally EAT SHIT if you choose that route. Most ‘spiritual’ leaders are SHILLS.

  • mavi kay

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  • Julia

    Which e-mail you used to contact him?

  • Ojas Devam
  • thx 1138

    In short he met someone younger and hotter !

  • jaume

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  • Angela Winters

    To all you foaming-at-the-mouth “Christians” who responded below: You don’t belong in this thread. None of the principles who started this thread mentioned Christianity or whether they have any involvement with it. As far as I am concerned, Robbins is at least as effective as some guy who lived a couple thousand years ago and has had his story retold and rehashed so much so many times there is likely little, if any, truth left in it. If you remember Johnny Carson, he used to do a thing on his show, where when he had four or five guests on his couch, he would whisper a short three or four line story into the ear of the person next to him, who would then whisper it into the ear of the next person and so on, until it got to the end of the line and that person would repeat out loud what was whispered to them. It was always only vaguely related to what Carson had whispered to the first person.

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