The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is an epoch-making book. It’s international best-seller. It has impacted lives of millions of people around the world. I’ll recommend this book for all those who want to be highly effective in life. This book says that highly effective people are neither dependent nor independent. They’re inter-dependent people. They pool their talents and resources to multiply their strengths. They create synergies and optimizations. When masterminds join their brains together, they create synergies. What’s synergy? Synergy is 1+1= 11, 2+2= 22.

There was once a contest held between two horse keepers on whose horse could pull the most weight. The winner pulled just over 9000 pounds; the loser horse pulled just less than 9000 pounds. After the dust had settled and the owner got the bragging rights, someone came up with the question that sparked more interest. The question was, “Wonder how much both horses could pull together?”

Interest was kindled and further hiked. They hooked up both horses and when they’d pulled all they could, jointly they pulled not 18000 pounds…..but over 30000 pounds!

That’s synergy! 9000+9000 = 30000

When several forces work together in a spirit of unity and harmony, there arises a power that’s much greater than the sum of the individual powers.

In military terms, this is often called the principle of “concerted action.” In business terms, your ability to work effectively and harmoniously with other individuals and groups is more responsible for your success than any other quality.


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