2012 is a “Year of Expansion” for Ashraf Chaudhry Associates. We have diversified into headhunting at top level. Recently, we placed “Head of Marketing” for world’s one of the top B2B portal companies.

And here comes another position with Pakistan’s leading  IT services and solution providers to banks, telcos and oil marketing companies. They are looking for “Head of Sales” to launch a revenue generation drive.

The position will play a critical role to take the company to next level. Ideal candidate must have ingrained sales lust in his/her blood. MBA from top Pakistani or foreign university and 7-10 years of sales experience with technology/IT driven company is required. “Head of Sales” will unleash a small team of sales bugs and potential clients are banks, FMCGs, telecom, oil marketing and insurance companies etc. He/she will be tech-savvy as well as sales maniac.

It is a career position with salary range of Rs.200,000—250,000 per month along with sales incentives. He/she will drive a company-maintained 1300 cc car. The position will report to Chief Operating Manager and is based in Karachi.

If you believe you can launch revenue generation drive by selling innovative technology products to top companies in Pakistan, then you are the one we are looking for.

Please send your resume before 10th December 2011 at careers@ashrafchaudhry.com; put the words “Sales Don” in the subject of email. Your resume must carry your sales accomplishments and color picture. The body of email must contain compelling reasons as to how you qualify as “Sales Don”.


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  • Well frankly speaking although, i know that people hate my candor but anyway, i neither liked nor i disliked the article as it is a typical article that has been repeated times and again . It might be very attractive for the fringe benefits that are mentioned along with a good amount of salary for a person who is not aware of the functions of Stock Markets. But in this particular field those who have such great experience, and the abilities are very well aware of their credentials and credibility. Since i have worked in the stock markets for more than 13 years i know how much efforts it requires for a sales person to generate great revenues for their employers and those who do, then i believe it is the employee who is giving a lot to the employer.

    This particular trend or lets say an attitude of the employers is really in hot discussion now a days, that they toggle their words and portray themselves as some one out of this world but in the due course they either do not realize, or maybe don’t want to realize, that to find a competent sales person who comes up to their required level will be no ordinary person therefore, it would be a much advisable, and a diplomatic approach to acknowledge that the employer is doing no big Favor to the employee.

    I have this honor that i am the first female broker/dealer from Pakistan, who worked with the FOREX Markets, and one of the most successful, and well payed person.However, now a days there are a lot of females who are all ready into this field, and are performing excellent results. 250,000 Rs per month is not a big offer for the person that the Stock company is looking for. However, i wish that they may find some one more competent then what they are looking for — Once a Dealer, Always a Dealer– Limit Up !!!!!!!

    • Mani

      gooood ayesha God bless you

    • Tanveer

      Nice one Ayesha….pathetic attempt to collect email addresses of Sales Heads to pitch sales training workshops

  • Moonis

    you are right Ayesha. I got to this page through Facebook adwords. I find it strange in this economy an organization resort to such desperate measures to find candidates. IT companies are a very closely held cluster, and such forms of measures are never adopted for these positions.

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