A towering man of power, social status, dignity, grace and learning became sworn enemy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the initial days of Islam. His sister embraces Islam and when he visits her home, she is reciting the Holy Quran. In anger, he becomes unreasonably harsh to her sister’s decision to accept Islam as way of life. He takes a naked sword and goes to where

Muhammad (PBUH) was mentoring his companions with the intention of assassination of Prophet. 

On seeing Umar with naked sword, poor companions get scared while Muhammad is cool. Umar comes near the gathering, throws away the sword and hugs the Prophet and embraces Islam. One hug unleashes victories.

Who is Umar? He is answer to the prayers of Prophet Muhammad. What a man whom Muhammad is requesting from Almighty! How lucky he is! [O’ Allah, empower Islam with Umar, Prophet is said to have prayed.]

The 2nd Caliph is known for his exceptional governance skills. He laid the foundations of welfare state. He said: “Let alone man, even if a dog dies of hunger on the banks of rivers Dajla and Farat, I should be held responsible for mis-governance.”

After Prophets, Umar is my hero, my icon, my ideal, my role model. I don’t indulge in hero-worship, but I adore this man. He is THE MASTERPIECE of grooming and coaching and training of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The welfare states of Scandinavia are based on the concept of what they call “Umar’s Law”.

Today is 1st Moharram. He was martyred on this day by a fanatic. Sometimes I wonder why this towering personality did not ensure his own security. His death was not death of one man. It was death of Islamic momentum. His death is irreparable damage to Islam.

There was so much prosperity in his time, you will hardly find a poor man for giving charity and alms.

Umar, The Great: I salute you with tears in my eyes.

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