P.S: Two letters! TNT power! More potent than the entire manuscript!

Your Big Bang Letter may fail to create any bang; may go unnoticed and un-read; but one thing I can write with almost 100% certainty that if your Big Bang Letter is opened, the P.S. can’t go unnoticed.

Of all the so-called secrets, tips, techniques and gimmicks that an intelligent job-seeker, a salesman and a marketer applies, I believe P.S. is the greatest of them all.

This secret or tip or technique or trick or you may call it a gimmick has been around for decades and is one of the most compelling marketing strategies ever used in print advertising. However, you’ll rarely see this technique used in job-hunting tools like Big Bang or Cover Letters. But successful professionals use it effectively as attention-grabber and hooker.  If it works so well selling products, the same would be true for job seekers who ‘sell’ themselves to potential employers.

The P.S. is virtually impossible to be ignored or over-looked! Think about the time when you read any type of letter and your eyes notice a P.S. at the end, You’re practically ‘forced’ to read it! Harness this power of P.S. and use it in all of your Cover Letters, Big Bang and Follow-up letters.

Let me quote from the book Hypnotic Writing by world renowned author Joe Vitale who has been called ‘the Buddha of the internet’.

“Your P.S. is your chance to state your strongest point, or to offer your guarantee, or to mention just how wonderful your product is. You might want to put your heaviest ammunition into your P.S. because it’s the section people will read first and last—and the one they will remember the longest.”

In marketing and advertising, the purpose of a P.S. is to restate exactly what action you’d like the reader to take. Job -seekers would like to be called for more job interviews and the P.S. is the perfect opportunity to stamp this fact on the reader’s brain.

It’s like your rifle shot for a ‘direct hit’ that can augment the chances of producing the desired result.

Position the P.S. at the bottom of your letter and justified to the left. Italicizing it is highly recommended.

P.S. Take advantage of the fact that P.S. is the attention-grabber and eye-catcher. Include it in your next letter.


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