If you want to achieve goals of your life, networking is the best way to accomplish results and have fun doing it. Making links from people you know to people they know keeps the world at their fingertips. This way of operating eliminates tunnel vision, the concept of cold calling, and the idea that you don’t know anyone to contact. However, it’s still up to you to reach out, take the first step, and use your relationships and contacts in a major way. Allow yourself to enjoy the magnitude of an arena that brings with it limitless opportunities. Always have an eye on the following commandments whenever you are on networking spree.

  1. Thou shalt drop the ‘what-is-in-it-for-me?’ attitude.
  2. Thou shalt remain on autopilot to network all the time.
  3. Thou shalt feed the relationship instead of leeching on it.
  4. Thou shalt carry networking tools with you all the time.
  5. Thou shalt listen and ask questions.
  6. Thou shalt give referrals when possible.
  7. Thou shalt follow up on the referral within 24 hours.
  8. Thou shalt thank the person in writing who gave you referral.
  9. Thou shalt set networking goals in writing.
  10. Thou shalt reply emails and call back on miss calls same day.


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