1. They dress up like corporate executives rather than trendy students and at the same time stay distinguished as being interns.
2. They show and demonstrate religious respect and reverence for company policies and values rather than taking the liberty of being intern and acutely observe visible and invisible, stated and un-stated rules and regulation.
3. They utilize every moment to learn new things and apply their existing knowledge. They take internship to absorb the knowledge and wisdom of their seniors.

4.  They cultivate relationships with supervisors and their supervisors and departmental heads by getting their confidence and by exercising a habit of ‘going extra mile’.
5. They finish their job and project within stipulated time and give credit to their supervisor and other staff for their help and guidance.
6.They finish their internship on a pleasant note and then stay in touch with their ex-supervisors/departmental heads on occasional telephone call, emails and letters or occasional walk-ins.

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