1• They take internships as picnic trips and leisure spots and a time to get out of boring rigmarole of studies.
2• They join gossip groups, company bashers and negaholics or as one of my ex-colleagues used to say complaining bastards. Their favorite pass time is to question and criticize the company policies, rules and regulations.

3• They dress up like teenagers and their overall demeanor and disposition is very careless, casual and informal. They get snubbed up frequently by all and sundry and their supervisors have to give explanation many times to seniors for the unruly and indecorous behavior.
4• They do nothing, contribute nothing, learn nothing and leave nothing except a reputation of being spoilt brats.
5• They pass irresponsible comments on each others and on lower cadre office staff and earn indignation of the regular employees.
6• They excessively waste company resources by chatting and shooting out junk emails and taking out un-necessary print outs earning bad reputation for the institution they belong to.
7• They give a sense of relief to their supervisors and other employees when their internship period comes to end.

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