Unless immunized properly, sales people are vulnerable to lethal diseases that can torpedo  team effort and drain the sales numbers. During my 15 years career as salesman and three years career as sales trainer and consultant, I observed the following common diseases found in sales people irrespective of industries.

1) Passionemia

The common symptoms of this disease are 1) low/no sales 2) No drive and initiative 3) The high turnover of competent employees because of the dragging strain caused by passionemians. 4) More customer complaints 5) No increments because of lost business opportunities

2) Confidemia

The symptoms you will see in sales people suffering from Confidemia are: 1) Draining sales numbers 2) Lack of ability to jump out of comfort zone 3) No personal/professional growth ambitions 4) No coaching/mentoring of subordinates 5) No development/grooming of juniors 5) No plan to develop and raise “2nd-in-command” due to fear of losing the job.

3) Indecitis

This is one of the most deadliest of the diseases sales people fall prone to. Common symptoms are: 1) Procrastination to the extent of making others feel paralyzed 2) Deals are not being closed despite apparent efforts 3) No plan to improvise the systems and procedures and to iron out irritants that stifle the sales growth.

4) Cantcer

When a sales person has chronic history of Passionemia, Confidemia and Indecitis, he/she develops another deadly disease that is called Cantcer. It is a state of learned helplessness. “It is impossible”, “I cannot do it” are the common phrases you will hear from patients of Cantcer.

5) Blameria

Cantcer causes another disease in which the sales people pass the buck and and attribute their failures to external factors rather than accept responsibilities. The sufferers of this disease spend more time on coining the excuses than making efforts to do sales. The word ‘ownership’ loses its meanings for blamerians.

In one of my sales training workshops in recent months, I asked the participants to list down all the excuses that we make to not achieve the sales targets. Surprisingly, we came up with more than 40 common excuses that sales people use to cover up their own inabilities. I will write a separate blog on the excuses some time.

6) Egolio

It is a strange disease. Sufferers of Egolio takes the sales profession as less prestigious or demeaning. They later develop all the five diseases I listed above.

7) Jealousitis

It is Mother of All Diseases. When the sales teams suffer from Jealousitis, there is no team spirit and synergy.Leg pulling, backbiting and backstabbing is at its peak. There is a power politics and sales people take the role of war lords to attack and counter attack their colleagues and ultimately it is the organization that bleeds.

All these diseases are mentally transmitted and are highly contagious. If any organization finds any sales person suffering from any of the above diseases, the incidence should not be left unnoticed. Organization needs to engage  a sales therapist to treat the sales teams.

The article is based on my flagship sales training workshop Fire Up Your Sales Force.

Important Note: All the names of sales diseases are my personal coinage. I would request people to link this blog or refer my name while using these terms.

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