Last Ramadan, I was talking to one of my mentors/career guru  and telling him that I get numerous CVs from across the world for evaluation and due to my hectic training schedule I could not help many people. I can help one or two people in a week but not more. He advised me to monetize CV evaluation and writing. I told him I don’t have much time to write CVs, I am more involved in my core business of sales trainings which is my bread and butter. On his advice, I trained two content writers and engaged one person to handle queries. Today, we are celebrating first anniversary of Guerrilla CV service.

Initially, many people laughed at us. Many criticized us for extorting the youth. Many pooh-poohed that if a person cannot write his/her CV, how come he/she deserves a job. We kept providing our service to professionals without heeding to the criticism of some people. Today, with grace of God, we are counting to have written around 750 CVs in one year. The people who were mocking at our service initially got their Guerrilla CV written by our team later on. We have written CVs from fresh grads to COOs, CFOs and CEOs.

Referral or positive word of mouth has played a big role in the marketing of Guerrilla CV. We noticed if one person from ABC company availed our service, 5 more will avail our service from the same company. I take immense pleasure to help more than 750 people in a year that got jobs and got better career options. Besides that, we created jobs for three people. For me, it is still a CSR activity; an initiative to pay back to society. My major focus is sales trainings/consultancy, headhunting and social media services.

There is a lesson for budding and future entrepreneurs. People always laugh at those who take initiatives. Let the laughers laugh, let the mockers mock, let the complainers complain, let the cynicals stew in their own juice. Keep your focus on your job. Move on. Stay committed with your clients.

We are ending our Ramadan Package on 25th July. Our content writers are flooded with work. In a dog-eats-dog world of competition, Guerrilla CV is your competitive advantage. Want to have Guerrilla CV? Send us your current CV at, you will get an auto-generated reply with package details. Once you avail our services of Guerrilla CV, you get personal career coaching with me on telephone/skype  and a list of 1000 top employers in Pakistan along with soft copy of my book The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”.

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  • What a nice way to describe your success – Well-done!

  • Muhammad Ali Qureshi


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