In November 2008 (if I remember the month), Mumbai was high-jacked by terrorists. More than two hundred people were killed and Pak-India relations were tested once again. I was new to social media at that time. Just four days back I had joined LinkedIn, and I saw an Indian’s post at some group in which he had suggested to the world that Pakistan should be expelled from UNO! I put in my reply and will share you what happened later on. Please read what I said:

“My dear Ramesh

Greetings from Pakistan!

First of all I pray to Almighty Allah for your physical and more importantly mental health.

Secondly, I must ask you a question that how come you got such a “brillant” idea! One of the seven habits of highly effective people is that they always begin with the end in mind. What end (I mean objective) have you set in your mind by isolating Pakistan and getting it out of mainstream. Two hundred people got killed in India and you have lost your sanity. What about thousands of people killed in Pakistan by terrorists. Do terrorists belong to any nation or state? They are a stateless state and nationless nation. India is victim, Pakistan is victim and God knows till what time…….

Terrorists want to exterminate/isolate/intimidate peaceful people. Some do with swords and some do with pens (or with key boards). How are you different than those bigoted, extremists who hijacked Mumbai. They did with guns and you wish with words/pen/key board.

The good thing is that homosapiens/bi-peds like you are in small numbers. Majority of my friends across border are sane, sensible, and understanding. That’s what makes India, Incredible India. Just imagine, if all Indians think like you, what image India can project………Despicable India. I love Incredible India of incredible people.

Shazib asks: What complimentary close should I use? Shazib and all other LinkedIn members, let us wish Ramesh : Get well soon.

I’m new member on LinkedIn, just 4 days back I joined it. I believe it is forum of professionals and articulate people. Lets discuss leadership, change, sales, marketing, soft skills. I dont see it is a place of bigotry.

Ramesh, I assume you are man of sales and marketing. Let us sell ideas rather than ‘tell’ ideas. Please add me in your network, I have a gift for you. I want to send to you ebook”The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. Lets be friends.

Warm regards

Ashraf Chaudhry”

Ramesh did not respond at the group but privately sent me messages that quality of language does not allow me to share at this blog. But my reply was so much appreciated by LinkedIn community and Ramesh was condemned by almost everybody. Eventually, he deleted the thread.

Because of this reply, I made two friends……both highly educated, talented and articulate. One of them is famous HR Consultant Mr Anis Motiwala (who is also my fellow alumnus) and other one was Mr Naveed Siraj, Director with HP Pakistan. Today is birth day of Naveed Siraj and when I got alert at facebook about his birthday, I went down the memory lane that how we became friends. I am dedicating this article to Mr Naveed Siraj.

Just to share with friends, here is what Naveed wrote to me:

“Dear Mr. Ashraf Chaudhry

As much as I was astounded to see contents posted on linked-in, I am pleasantly surprised to see your articulate response. Just wanted to drop a word of thanks to you & look forward to, one day, meeting you inshallah


Naveed Siraj”

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  • I like the way you express your views. RIGHT From your Heart!

  • Emma

    When someone acts with respect and dignity they attract it back to thenselves. Through all events good comes back to good people. The letter was elaquently written and the 2 new friendships touching and heartwarming. Thank you for opening your heart to friendship and sharing the experience with you readers. Very moving!

  • Naveed Siraj

    Thanks Ashraf. I did not know that the gentleman had removed the thread from linked-in. Goes to show the power of positive conversations. Wish you always, the very best

  • Erum Inam

    I think it was a very elegant and decent way to make the other person realize about the mistake he has did and yet the reply included some very valid points to dominate the power of pen/ keyboard. Agreed! completely agreed! with what you have answered to Mr. Ramesh.

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