How to Lead Sales Teams with Ancient Wisdom?

Lahore: 18th Sept 2012, Park Plaza Hotel/ Islamabad: 20th Sept 2012, Serena Hotel/ Karachi: 25th Sept 2012, Marriott Hotel

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Shepherd is the person who looks after goats and sheep. Since beginning of human kind, shepherding is one of the most revered professions chosen by prophets and their companions. Shepherd’s character is mix of entrepreneurship, risks, initiatives, leadership, discipline, mentoring, taking un-popular decisions and having an eagle eye on ROI (Return on Investment), ROE (Return on Efforts) and ROTI (Return on Time Invested).

The Art of Shepherding is a well researched sales leadership development program which aims at building capacity of present and potential sales leaders who get things done from their teams while taking the complete ownership of results.

A shepherd always takes his chances with wolves and with drought, and that’s what makes a shepherd’s life exciting. Paulo Coelho


1. Recruitment & Culling

Shepherd inducts the best breeds. He grooms them to bring best results. If some cattle don’t groom and are resistant to growth, he culls them from the herd for the greater good of his enterprise. That is the job of Sales Manager.

2. Motivating

The herd/staff has got to be motivated to achieve common goals. Sometimes, this motivation is inside out and sometimes outside in. Sales Manager’s job is to ensure that team is turbo- charged and ignited to exceed organizational objectives. Sometimes shepherd/manager uses carrot and sometimes stick to induce desirable behaviors. Shepherd Sales Manager conducts regular motiveetings to ignite passion to go beyond call of duty.

3. Ownership

When it is burning, shepherd takes his cattle under trees; when they are thirsty, he takes them to waters; when they are hungry, he leads them to green pastures; when they are sick, he takes care of their health. He protects them from wolves. Manager has to own his teams. He takes care of their growth, career progression and professional well-being. He is buffer between them and job pressures. When they make mistakes, he owns their mistakes; when they give good results, he gives them credit; he markets them in front of seniors.

Please download complete brochure in PDF by clicking here.

4. Adaptability

Shepherd foresees seasonal changes and ensures that his cattle are not caught by surprises. He not only prepares himself for combating vagaries of weather but also equips his cattle to welcome changes in the surroundings.  So does the Sales Manager! He is not change-averse rather he has got to be an agent of change.

5. Bottom-line

Shepherd is responsible for return on time invested, return on initiatives, return on investments and return on risks taken. He is entrepreneur. And so is the Manager. He is responsible for the results and profitability of his team and territory.

6. Coaching & Mentoring

One of the chief jobs of a shepherd is to build inherent worth of his goats. Today’s Manager’s job is to coach, guide and mentor his staff so that they take more initiatives with confidence. Preparing the staff for their next role is the primary responsibility of a Sales Manager.

7. Trust

The relationship of shepherd and his cattle is based on trust and shepherd is primarily responsible to create it. He creates examples of trust and his cattle follow him blindly. Goats know that he is not leading them to den of wolves. The relationship between Manager and his team is completely based on trust. It is primary responsibility of the manager to create trust-based environment in his territory.

Please download complete brochure in PDF by clicking here.

Workshop Take-away

  • Bottom-line under sharp focus
  • Delegation
  • Adaptability of change
  • Team spirit
  • Team development
  • Performance management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Taming cliff-hangers

Who Should Attend?

  • Directors Sales & Marketing
  • National Sales Managers
  • Regional/Area Sales Managers
  • Sales Team Leaders
  • University Professors teaching MBA classes
  • Sales Trainers

Course Fee?

Rs. 16,000 per person. On 3 nominations from same organization, 4th participant to attend free of charge.

How to Book Your Seat?

Please call Ms. Hina Roudani at 0321 3750 706 or drop an email at

Please download complete brochure in PDF by clicking here.

“There is no prophet that has not worked as a shepherd”. Muhammad (S.A.W) used to say.  “Did you do so?” asked one present. “Yes”, he replied. “I herded sheep as boy”. From The Leadership of Muhammad (PBUH) by John Adair

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    hello basically i m veterinarian , u know when shepherd bring the flocks for grazing , specially the goats destroy the trees which cause major problems to enviorment n also get problems of health from grass in result of attain different diseases. i think as now in modren era stall feeding n balance / maintain rationing system is also practiced, which improve health/ weight/ milch production n nutritive value of the animal .

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    as an example a long walk at nce walk place opens the closed even dead cells of mind.
    I think this types of thought will help us a lot to get rid of Electronic oriented drugs.

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