CV or Resume (both words used interchangeably) represents you in your absence. Your CV has hardly 8-10 seconds to ‘sell’ you to recruiters and head hunters. So the sales pitch of your CV must be articulate, to-the-point and compelling. Your CV’s job is to bring you to the interview table. That is the fundamental and critical task. A well-crafted CV of an average candidate will have more chances of getting interview than a lousy CV of an intelligent candidate. So, CV is a serious document. It is your marketing brochure.

CV is YOU on Paper.

CV writing is an art. The best thing is to learn it and the next best thing is to hand over the task of CV writing to those who are master of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”. You have 8 compelling reasons why you should have your CV crafted and scripted by a professional.

  1. Professionals know the key words that  ‘sell’
  2. Professionals are expert in discovering your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) that make you stand out in the crowd of mediocres
  3. Professionals write your CV from the perspective of recruiters
  4. Professionals don’t copy/paste. Every CV has to be unique like the CV owner
  5. Professionals know the art of packaging your skills in an attractive manner
  6. It is the forte of professionals to write an immaculate and articulate CV
  7. CV has no specific design. Professionals work on the content rather than style/design
  8. CV is the most important document (parchee). Have it written by the experts.

CV is Your Ambassador. Make Sure People Treat Your Representative with Utmost Respect.

We have launched Professional CV Writing Service to help candidates get interview calls. We call our CV a “Guerrilla CV”. It dodges all the barriers to bring you to the interview table.

Our professional content writers will write your “Guerrilla CV” under my supervision. Please e-mail at for fee details.

The fee includes complete re-writing of CV and e-copy of The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF”, list of around 1000 employers (Pakistan) and personal career counseling with Ashraf Chaudhry.


You will send us your current CV at and our representative will evaluate your CV and send a detailed email to guide about the advance payment to be deposited online in our bank account.

Once payment is deposited, our CONTENT WRITER will get in touch with you to discuss contents of your CV, career goals, value addition and professional strengths. Your final CV will be emailed to you within seven working days. Once you avail this service, you can call Ashraf Chaudhry for minor reviews/amendments in your CV or for career counseling and interview tips as per his availability.

Get connected with Ashraf Chaudhry on social networking sites for regular job alerts by clicking at

Ashraf Chaudhry is Pakistan’s #1 Sales Trainer, international author and leading recruiter and head hunter.

For queries, please call Mr. Umar J. Qureshi at 0092 322 980 57 97

Zara Sochiye video by Geo TV Networks on Ashraf Chaudhry has inspired millions of people around the world.


  • wasif

    hmm.. nice work.. but rates are too high.. 🙁

    • Es En Gauhar


    • Bablu

      doesn’t work in Pakistan

    • kaka

      I don’t think rates are high. They are professionals on the other end, they have to make a living out of it as well. What do you think would motivate them to continue the service if they drop rates to lower amounts?

      • kaka

        I think, we Pakistanis, never appreciate value of intellectual labor. That’s why we never pay for books or software and always use pirated versions. We pay for the paper or CD and not for the labor that was put into it. Hence intellectual activities never thrive here.

        • kaka

          In my opinion, intellectual workers should be thanked and encouraged to do their work here. And the best way to encourage them is to appreciate value of their intellectual effort by *paying* for it. Imagine the value you’ll be receiving if you land your dream job with a well-written CV: you could receive amount tens of times you paid the expert in your first paycheck.

  • khayal

    mr.chaudhary……….its not fair………a person who cant write his cv himself dont deserve to be hired..

  • ahti

    bund mara!

  • Pro-Bro

    CV reflects you on paper. Sometimes, we being a person over thought about ourself. It’s good someone expert to write about our professional work and skills. The value from them it’s worth if the CV finally reflects the best from you in an appealing manner. As said:
    “You have 10 seconds to sell you through your CV ONLY”

  • Khurram Qureshi

    There should be NO FEE for fresh entrants…. rest u can squeeze the experienced ones as per ur desire….
    Be a true inspiration for others… God Bless You.

  • jaa

    if you can’t write your own cv, well, you are not ready for the labor market. how hard is it anyways.

  • Excellent

  • malik

    i agree

  • farooq shaikh

    dear ir as salam o alakum sir iam profesinol photographer

  • Shabby

    Oh man, you ‘re just doing your business. There is NO help for needy people. I don’t know WHO made you number-1 sales trainer in pakistan. You need consoling for yourself.

  • Shujaat Khalid


  • Is building up a sound career a source of constant worry ? Does
    confusion hover over you about which would be the best stream or

    Fret not, because help is right here

  • tufail Ahmed Bhutto

    Sir I am Tufail Ahmed so am Job less so I agree Plz contact me …
    Cell No:03113469202

  • Shahid Yousaf

    Its a good article, good to read some profes
    sional tips from Pakistan as well.

  • Farooq Moeen

    Reading this article inspired me, reading the comments forced me to think and re-think about where are we going. Yes, I am going to get help from them. What one is doing, be it business or whatever, do not please, do not point fingers on one’s motive behind. If you have the guts and balls to do it yourself then do it or beat it. everybody has their own way of helping others. If they were to make resumes for free I am pretty much sure that they would have their inbox full every day of the year till they de-activate their accounts. I refer to all those finger-pointers, before you post negative about anybody, make your resume yourself first, there is lot of data available on internet, then polish it out using the help of such professionals. shortly, show your own effort.
    Yes, i agree to some point with the brother recommending help being charged, one can also get the knowledge or his resume made and continue with free of cost charity work.

  • Harri Persad

    so when you get to the interview table but does not have the qualifications or the know how then what the hell do you do or how do you pass that interview

  • Wellwisher

    I think we live in a world where everyone is paid for their skill and talent. This skill is The Help for others and Help for himself too. As he can support himself and his family.
    Starting cv writing professionally to mitigate the depression and stress of rejection is a service to community two ways.
    1. For those who are specialist of words, they are connected with those who need their talent.Thus creating job market for the linguistic talent.
    2. For those who want to land on a job and need recognition and expression to showcase their best to the market.
    So I believe it is community service.

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