Two years back, one of my friends motivated me to start blogging. Initially, the objective was to blurt out, vent out and of course toot my own horns. But somehow, I remained lazy and lousy blogger. In two years I posted only around 60 posts. Two weeks back, my passion for blogging was ignited when I met young geeks and bloggers at a seminar hosted jointly by CIPE and P@SHA in Lahore. Since then I am on 7th sky. In 14 days, I have posted more than 50 articles at my blog. Traffic has increased from around 200 daily hits to 500 daily hits. My blog is monetized and my adsense earning has certainly encouraged me to get serious about blogging. Today, I decided to go for my self-hosted domain and leave blogspot. Following are the reasons for going for self-hosted domain.

  1. I observed all successful bloggers in Pakistan as well as world-wide have their own domains rather than choosing free domains. Blogging is a serious thing. First test of your seriousness is to own your own domain. For beginners, free blogging sites are good for learning but when it comes to hard core blogging and earning through adsense and affiliate marketing, I think one must own the domain.
  2. Your posts at free blogging sites are at the risk of the hosts. They can disable and deactivate the blog because of any violation of terms of agreement which you are not even aware of. You don’t carry this risk at your own domain.
  3. When it comes to searching key words by search engines, self-hosted domains get priority as compared to blogs hosted free of charge at blogspot or wordpress. In blogosphere, relevant traffic is the key to success. You need traffic which is consistent, regular and relevant and which returns. So to ensure that your content is search engines’ friendly, self-hosted domain was imperative.
  4. There comes a time in life when one must pay a few bucks for good things. There is no such thing as free lunch. I am happy I am leaving the free lunch. I had great time at blogspot but now I believe I must raise my standards if I have to be serious blogger.

Focus of my blog will remain business, selling, marketing, relationships and entrepreneurship. As soon as I learn tricks of the trade, I will regularly share my knowledge and passion with others through my workshops.

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