A man is know by the company he keeps. A man is also know by the company he keeps away from. Association with the right kind of people determines our future and how far we can go in life.

In the very first chapter of Quran, Allah gives criteria of selecting and rejecting the people as friends and comrades in life. We are asked to pray to associate with those who are blessed and graced by Allah and disassociate from those who are losers, who have evoked wrath of Allah and are left behind. The association and friendship is purely objective. You make friends who are bestowed upon by Allah and shun away from all those who have defied the limits set by the highest authority of universe.

Late Jim Rohn, one of the most influential business philosophers and my all time favorite guru says:

“One of the keys to success often overlooked is people with whom we’ve chosen to associate everyday often unconsciously and decisions, attitudes and actions are influenced by the decisions, attitudes and actions of those with whom we spend the greatest amount of our time.

One of the crucial elements of exceptional life involves the careful analysis of how we’re affected by our associations of others. If you’ve to evaluate the major influences in your life, the person you’re becoming, this has to be high on the list the people you choose to allow into your life.” To read my separate blog on power of association, please click here.

In my workshops, I conduct an exercise that determines that we are an average of our 10 best friends. Our health (spiritual, mental, physical, financial, social, intellectual) is average of our 10 best friends. If you want to improve your health, choose friends consciously and objectively.

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