My focus these days is on the last verses of chapter Furqan. These verses give us criteria (Furqan) of Ibaad-ur-Rahman, Servants of Allah, True Men of Allah.

True Men of Allah are moderate in spending. They neither spend mindlessly nor sit on the wallet. They spend moderately where it is needed.

Reckless spending or living beyond the means is a passport to poverty. Using credit cards and loans to spend satanically on things that could be avoided leads to misery in the long term. Similarly, living a life of beggar when you have money in your wallet means thanklessness to Allah. True Men of Allah adopt the middle way.

The companies that recklessly spend money on luxuries, business class traveling and stay in luxury hotels by employees, foreign trips and excursions and maintaining fleet of limousines become history. Financial indiscipline is one the major causes of collapse of corporations. Do you remember the fall of BCCI? How it crumbled?

Similarly, companies that don’t spend on expansion, customer service, employees enrichment and welfare and all profits are gone into owners’ pockets also face extinction. They are unable to stay competitive.

Companies where financial prudence and due diligence is the rule remain in the market.

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