Last verses of Chapter 25 of Quran, (Al-Furqan…the Criteria), clearly explain the traits and qualities of Ibaad-ur-Rahman (Servants of Allah, True Men of Allah).

Islam expects from its followers a role to play in life, a meaningful role, a constructive role. True Men of Allah aspire to lead the humanity. They look forward to opportunities where they can contribute a lot. In line with this aspiration, they pray to Allah to grant them the opportunity where they can lead the righteous and pious people. They want to jump out of comfort traps and aspire to live a life of challenges where they would be held accountable for results. True Men of  Allah are not mediocres. They are the people who take responsibilities and initiatives.

If you remember the 8th lesson, Prophet Yusuf (A.S) requested the benign king to appoint him as in charge of treasury (12/55) because he knew he would set the financial house in order and he would bring merit and financial discipline. He could lead an easy life but that’s not what the True Men of Allah are made of.

Message for my corporate colleagues is simple. Develop leadership skills and ask for the opportunity to lead people. Don’t shy away or hesitate to ask for the leadership role.

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