Islam teaches modesty, humbleness and politeness. In the last verses of chapter 25, Quran describes the key traits of true servants of Allah. The first trait is that servants of Allah are humble people. They walk upon earth with ease. They are peace makers. They don’t create troubles.

The second trait is when idiots, nuts, craziest and ignorant people use unbecoming language with servants of Allah, they don’t indulge in meaningless and purposeless debate with them. Since servants of Allah are peace loving, they don’t allow idiots to create chaotic scenes, they simply withdraw from such toxic debates and say “Peace” and move on gracefully.

The important point here is: Never pick a fight with idiots and nuts. They will out-beat you with their competence of foul language. In the corporate world, we face such characters often. Just ignore them, avoid them and maintain your grace. They will bring you to their level if you fought with them.

There is an old saying that never go into a pissing match with skunk. Skunk is an animal that urinates all the time. You can’t compete with skunk.

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