Quran prescribes a great law of change and transformation. Our external conditions, blessings, states of happiness start from inside of our heart, mind and soul. Our visible miseries and misfortunes are direct result of our own set of dis-empowering and debilitating thoughts.

According to Stephen Covey of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, private victories precede public victories. First we win or lose inside our deep chambers of minds then such winnings and defeats are manifested in the external world.

Allah never changes the condition of people unless they change their own thoughts. Sun’s light is everywhere. But a farmer will get the crop only when he ploughs the land, sows the seeds, nurtures the crop, waters it at appropriate time and protects his fields from pests. Similarly, Allah’s blessings are everywhere but His grace is for those who sow the seeds, take initiatives and execute things persistently. Man is the maker and designer of his own destiny.

How thoughts shape our life, just read a classic As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. This book will change you forever.

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