Quran terms Riba(usury, sood) a heinous crime against humanity and strictly prohibits its business. This is such an abominable practice that Allah has warned the dealers of Riba that if they don’t stop it, then get ready for war with Allah and His Messengers.

Usury is the most exploitative form of ‘helping’ others. Those who get this help are equally at war with Allah.  I will talk about usury-based exploitative helping schemes by banks in the name of credit cards, consumer loans, BTF (Balance Transfer Facility) being sold to corporate class to ‘help’ them live a life of their dreams. This fake sense of prosperity in the shape of gold cards is a guarantee of financial slavery. A rate of interest ranging from 22% per year to 40% is enemy of your prosperity and well-being.

I worked for corporate sector for 15 years with blue-chip companies at lucrative positions but trust me I was always hand-t0-mouth. It seemed I worked for banks for more than a decade. Whatever I earned, I paid to banks for using their cards and consumer loans. When my salary was just Rs 30,000 per month, I spent around half a million rupees on my marriage. That was height of stupidity. Spending money you don’t own and paying high rentals means you are ensuring financial troubles down the road.

A day came in my life when I was paying more than half of my salary to banks for using their money and I was drawing money from one card to pay installment of another card. What a financial management!

Then one day I surrendered in the war against Allah and His Prophet. I repented. I cut cards into pieces and sent to banks with letter of thanks for ‘helping’ me live a life of ‘dreams’. It ended my nightmare. Now I don’t use any card, any loan. Within four years, with grace of Allah, I have no worries.

I advise my corporate colleagues to surrender cards and consumer loans and trust me you will soon enjoy life with money that you earn. You can never win war with Allah. Next time, when you take out credit card from your wallet to pay for the expensive dinner at exclusive restaurant, just think for a moment and ask: Can I Win War Against Allah and His Messenger? Just ask this question.

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