Since childhood, I’ve been very curious about the repetition of words and verses in Quran. You’ll find this art or science of repetition at the pinnacle in chapter Rahman when a single verse is repeated 31 times in total of 78 verses. I believe Quran is the ultimate document of overt and covert influence. Words literally penetrate into the heart, mind and soul. The mere recitation casts the magic that no mortal can resist. Probably chapter Rahman is the most recited chapter of the Holy Book by the followers.

Quran is a word of God and He’s the perfect communicator. So why not copy the communication style of Almighty God?

Why companies run TV commercials repetitively? To hammer their message.

Have you watched movie Good Will Hunting that teaches the ultimate power of repetition. The use of “It’s not your fault…..It’s not your fault…….It’s not your fault” many times in one single scene has magical effect on the troubled boy and that brings the turning point in the movie.

By the time the scene is over, the young man breaks down and cries. The counselor and patient hug. A transformation has occurred.

People associated with advertising must be knowing the name of P.T.Barnum. He used repetition concept back in the late 1800s. One of his ads had one line repeating:

Two Living Whales
Two Living Whales
Two Living Whales
Two Living Whales
Two Living Whales

You can’t help but take a quick look on Barnum’s ad.

Repetition is hypnotic. That’s why hypnotists use to install their suggestions in the mind of their subjects. Their repeatedly saying, “You’re getting sleepy” is said because, heard many times, subject will get sleepy.

When ever next time you are writing an important letter, consciously choose to repeat your main points. Don’t be afraid to re-iterate something. The more you repeat your basic strengths or basic reasons to buy your services, the more you’ll influence the reader’s unconscious mind.

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