13th lesson is the continuation of lesson #12 in which Prophet Moses (A.S) prayed to Allah for increasing his confidence, capacity, persuasion and communication skills to enable him for challenging the tyrannical regime of Pharaoh.

Moses did not just pray only for skill-set, but he also prayed for the key resource person as his deputy. He not only prayed but also recommended a name to be appointed as Deputy Project Manager. He justified the creation of a position for two reasons that deputy will increase his strength and will also share his task. So Prophet will be able to delegate his (routine) tasks to his deputy and he himself will focus on strategy part of dismantling the Pharaoh.

The interesting thing is that Musa (A.S) recommended no one else except his own brother. The question is: Where is the merit? You might remember lesson #1 that prescribes only two attributes to appoint a new person, that is, 1. Technically Skillful 2. Trustworthy. Prophet Musa applied these two principles while recommending name of his brother. He was sure of competence and credibility of his younger brother. He knew his brother will not play politics in the grand game. He had utmost trust in his family.

The important lesson that I am drawing from this story is: All other things being equal (like competence and trustworthiness), appointing a family member as one’s deputy is preferable because a Prophet did it and Allah approved it.

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