Keeping Friday off or as working day is subject of discussion in the Muslim world since long. As per my knowledge of Holy Quran, there is no injunction (implied or explicit) to keep your work force away from work on Friday.

There is a separate chapter Al-Jumu’ah (Friday) that gives crystal clear injunctions to work on Friday rather than staying away from work.

Verse 9 of chapter 62 says when there is call for Friday prayer, leave business and rush to the prayer. It means that you were working prior to prayer that is why you are being asked to pull the shutters down.

The next verse says when you are done with Friday prayer, disperse to resume the business. The verse did not say that after prayer go to your homes. The clear orders are to resume the business.

The (il)logic of Muslim clerics is that when you have Saturday or Sunday as holiday, you resemble like Jews or Christians. That is ridiculous argument. In your daily life, you do hundreds of things that make you resemble like Jews or Christians. You wear pant shirt, don’t you look like Christians/Jews? You use thousands of inventions of Jews/Christians and you never object. When you use facebook, don’t you look like Jews & Christians? Islam differentiates on ideology only and teaches global harmony and peace.

The Muslim clerics are ignorant of the interconnectedness of economies. This is not 7th century. World is now global village. You cannot cut off from the world for a day because of economic reasons.

The problem of clergy is that they have nothing to do with working of economy. They don’t earn their livelihood by working. They teach others the golden principle of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) that “One who works with his hands is friend of Allah” but they themselves thrive on the donations/charity of workers.

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