Quran’s basic spirit is ‘improvisation’ by followers. Islam is incremental Din. It does not shake up the existing systems. It rather teaches advancing inch by inch. Quran was revealed in 23 years rather than over night. It did not change demeanor of its followers with a jerk.

Quran teaches reforms, improvising on daily basis, adjusting to the realities rather than resisting. The emphasis is on incremental improvement, personal development, working on systems, improving rules of business. People/companies that are always reforming and improving their systems don’t have any fear of competition or getting left behind. A person who develops himself on daily basis, gains knowledge, refreshes his skill-set has no fear of becoming redundant in the company. But those who remain adamant to change and refuse to reform are replaced. That is law of nature.

After 2nd World War, when Japan was destroyed, Dr. Edward Deming went to Japan to teach them how to rise again and he taught them Kaizen…incremental improvement in systems, products, quality etc. He did not ask them to bring 100% improvement in a year. He asked them to “REFORM” incrementally and never stop. Whole world fears competition from Japanese but they are fearlessly moving ahead because they believe in improving daily.

You will be overtaken by fear of redundancy and replacement when you don’t reform and improvise. This process is never ending. Anthony Robbins calls it CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement).

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is reported to have said: “Every next day of a Muslim is better than his/her previous day.” That is the Kaizen.

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