When Pharoah’s cruelty crossed the limits, Allah ordered His Prophet Musa/Moses (A.S) to go to him and handle. It was a big project. Prophet was assigned the task of dismantling the well-established and strong regime. And Musa (A.S) certainly needed the art and skill-set of handling such a big task. He prayed to Allah for three things:

  1. To build his capacity of handling such a big task. That included confidence, persuasion skills and fearlessness.
  2. Allah’s blessings and motivation so that challenges are handled with ease.
  3. Superb communication skills

This prayer of Musa (A.S) has great corporate lesson. Whenever, you are being given a big task, a huge project and a tough assignment, you should ask your boss/company for the required resources (manpower, skills, budgets etc). You need blessings and motivation and confidence of your boss. This prayers lays tremendous emphasis on communication and persuasion skills.

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