Prophet Moses (AS) escapes from ruthless kingdom of Pharaoh and reaches Madyan where he happens to meet another Prophet Shoaib (AS) after helping his daughters who were being deprived of saturating their animals by big guns of the town. While Moses was living with Shoaib, the eldest daughter recommends to her father to appoint Prophet Moses as Head Shepherd for their cattle.

Prophet Shoaib was bit surprised and asked his daughter as to why he was being recommended for that job. She cites two qualities of Moses for recruitment: 1) He is Strong 2) He has integrity (Qavi-ul-Amin). He was technically sound and was man of character. The Holy Quran documented this important recruitment principle for eternity. So, according to the Book, recruiters should look for two traits in new employees, that is skill-set and integrity/honesty.

Stephen Covey calls these traits as “Competence & Character” in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

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