The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‎Quran‬: Lesson #3. Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are the part and parcel of daily corporate life. The only place without conflicts is graveyard. Conflicts are in a way a healthy thing provided people are fighting for the bottom line of the company. Personalized conflicts paralyze the company and dissipate creative energies in aimless and useless fights. The things have to be controlled when you see corporate warlords entrenched in their bunkers and shooting missiles loaded with personal agendas.

Here the role of boss is critical, crucial and pivotal. He has to liberate the organization from personal agendas of vested interests. He/she has to quickly resolve the conflict according to established SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) of the company. The entire process of conflict resolution has to be mechanical, detached from personal biases and emotions and feelings. The following verse guides clearly that personal desire should not interfere the conflict resolution process.

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