1. Always complete your profile
  2. Always invite people with a purpose not just for sake of increasing contacts
  3. Always write personalized note before inviting
  4. Always say ‘thank you’ once contact has been established.
  5. Always welcome people once you accept the invitation.
  6. Always check profile of the person soon after accepting the invitation.
  7. Delete/block person if he/she looks dubious or belongs to groups you dislike or disapprove.
  8. Always check profile of person before asking “what do you do?” or “Who are you?”
  9. Always post updates which strengthen your brand image.
  10. Participate in discussions only if it helps your image to improve.
  11. Integrate your Facebook with your blog and website
  12. Always use one picture for all Social Media channels for long time.
  13. Always join your alumni, industry groups for enabling people find you.
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  1. Don’t annoy people with aggressive updates
  2. Don’t create spam by inviting people to useless groups/fan pages
  3. Don’t create fan pages/groups unless you have something to offer
  4. Don’t trigger debates which depicts your image of aggressive person
  5. Don’t allow people to put non-serious stuff at your wall
  6. Don’t post more than 3-4 updates in 24 hours
  7. Don’t tag people in un-necessary pictures and discussions.
  8. Don’t pick up fights with people; silently move away from nuisance elements. Facebook is a social media and not anti-social media.   
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    The Craft of Selling “YOURSELF” by Ashraf Chaudhry (1st chapter)

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