1. Discuss the interview opportunity with mastermind group and get the pep talk.
  2. Make an interview checklist and run down it a day before.
  3. Always reach the interview place 15 minutes prior to the time.
  4. Take interview as your special sales call.
  5. Keep your mobile off or make it mute.
  6. Never badmouth your ex-employers even if the interviewer tempts you repeatedly.

  7. Never be harsh with the secretary or other administrative staff at the interviewing organization even if they ask for it.
  8. Never belittle your alma mater.
  9. Dress to the occasion and not to kill.
  10. Take additional copies of the CV with you put in a sleek executive leather bag.
  11. Instead of making your CV agenda for the session, drag the interviewer to ideas and concepts.
  12. If interviewer extends his/her hand, then shake to make him/her feel that you’re alive.
  13. Have a fleeting look of the office of the interviewer to assess his/her personality. Be a Sherlock Holmes for a moment.
  14. Avoid controversial topics like ethnicities, religion or politics. If your views are particularly asked, stay neutral.
  15. Take the interview as a networking occasion; ask the visiting card at the end.
  16. Never show your desperation for the job even if you’re dying.
  17. Always send a personalized thank-you note/email same day.


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