If prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, then Selling is the noblest profession in the world. Salespeople are the highest earners across the globe. It is the profession of men of intellect and men of integrity. But when the salespeople develop the following signs, they come down to the level of prostitutes (bipeds with no dignity and pride).

  1. You join the sales profession not as a preferred choice or out of passion rather ‘circumstances’ compel you to join it.
  2. You are not proud of your profession. You are embarrassed to tell people what you do for living. Even your kids don’t take pride in your profession.
  3. Despite earning high income even in down times, you have no job satisfaction.
  4. You work very odd hours. You work even at the cost of your health to woo your clients and then you even go below dignity to keep them happy for a moment.
  5. You don’t try to cultivate and nurture long term relationship with your clients.
  6. Because of your lifestyle, your clients don’t take pride to be associated with you and don’t refer your name to someone else even if you please them with your services.
  7. People in social gatherings ask you, “what do you do?” and you start your reply with ‘umm, umm’ rather than proudly saying that you are salesman/salesperson.
  8. When you go to visit your client, you look awesome and great. But when you return you like hell. Your clothes are wrinkled, hair are messy and you leave the place of client like a thief.
  9. Your company rates you on your latest ‘performance’.
  10. Even though you get extra bonus for best performance, your clients smile rather than you.
  11. You get so used to a certain lifestyle that you forget what the meaning of family is.
  12. More experience and ‘proven track record’ is neither appreciated by your company nor by your clients. You are replaced with young and energetic people.

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