It might not be in the wildest imagination of Mark Zuckerberg that one day his invention would affect continents like epidemic. Facebook is a great tool for social networking and generating business leads and building personal brand. Some people however use it so excessively and uncontrollably that they can dubbed as suffering from “facebook diarrhea”.

If you find someone using facebook with the following symptoms, he/she is suffering from facebook diarrhea and needs immediate therapy from some social media therapist.

  1. Updating facebook status meaninglessly more than five times a day is a clear symptom of facebook diarrhea. Remember, facebook is not a twitter.
  2. Liking one’s own status and asking friends to like your status.
  3. Go back to status again and again to check how many people liked the status and if there are no likes, experiencing a feeling of dying and cursing the friends.
  4. Adding more and more people without looking at their profile, background or the health of facebook updates and profile picture.
  5. Creating useless and meaningless facebook pages and groups and inviting all the people in the contact list.
  6. Tagging everyone in the friend’s list with whatever picture they get and making a terrible facebook experience for others.
  7. Starting chat with everyone who is online without his/her wish and asking a meaningless question “what do you do?”
  8. Sending inbox message to large number of people with endless potential of creating nuisance of spamming.
  9. Putting every picture and video on walls of the people without any regret or remorse.
  10. Putting promotional material and useless messages in the chat boxes of online friends without their permission.
  11. Poking people with religious zeal and fervor.

People suffering from above symptoms are a constant nuisance and for them facebook ultimately turns out to be an anti-social networking site. Their friends hide their updates from news feed.

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  • Hammad Siddiqui

    This means a lot of us actually are suffering from a cureable disease. Ashraf thanks for diagnosis.

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