Interviewing is a serious business for any manager. It’s like buying a product for a specific purpose. If you buy an air-conditioner, dozens of questions and fears crop up in your mind like: may be you’re paying more than the market price; may be the power consumption will be more than stated; may be it’ll require frequent repairs/service; may be the warranty will be honored or not; may be it’ll not do desired cooling etc. The successful salesman will anticipate and address your concerns. If the salesman is successful to dissolve your fears then you’ll buy the air-conditioner.

Similarly, interviewer has to buy you for a specific function. He/she might have a lot of concerns and fears. His/her own performance depends on making the right person on-board. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people in my career. I was as frightened in the interview as the interviewee was. Some of common fears of interviewers are listed below and your challenge as a “salesman” is to provide him/her comfort.

  1. That you don’t have necessary skills and experience to deliver.
  2. That you won’t be able to get along with the people. You lack people skills.
  3. That you won’t be able to fit into the culture of the organization.
  4. That you may not be a team player and team leader.
  5. That you may pose a serious threat to your boss.
  6. That you’ll leave the company soon.
  7. That you carry excess baggage that may hinder your job performance
  8. That you may be terminated from the previous job.
  9. That you might have integrity issues.
  10. That you may be hiding some material information.
  11. That you’re lazy and sloppy.


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