Lesson # 1
Money doesn’t motivate everybody equally.

• You cannot always convince people with money only.
• You need to persuade, converse, negotiate and engage.
• Money is one of the several variables of motivation. Someone needs just sweet words and someone needs a little persuasion.
• Tailor the approach of motivation. Use money where it is required only.

Lesson # 2
To thrive in sales, you need right aptitude (not just marks on your degrees).

You can be a topper in the university and the greatest number cruncher on planet earth but may not be a great salesperson (an influencer, a persuader and negotiator.) To be a great salesperson, you need to have right aptitude……an aptitude of empathy, an aptitude to see beyond the obvious.

Lesson # 3
“Disturbing” others is pre-requisite to be salesperson.

Asking (or disturbing people) is pre-requisite to become a great salesperson. If you are hesitant to break the ice, start conversations and ask for help and guidance and engage people in discussions, you then need to cultivate people skills. Great salespeople come one step forward, after saying hello, they confidently say, “Can you please help me”?

Lesson # 4
What is good for the goose cannot be bad for the gander!

Don’t expect honesty from salespeople in the organization if you encourage them to become kick-backers and bribers with the clients. If organization encourages its sales and marketing teams to bribe the clients’ organization to take orders, it is, in fact, plowing the seeds of dishonesty in the organizational culture. Organization has no right to expect internal integrity and honesty if it is promoting malpractices in the clients’ organizations.

Lesson # 5
The greatest secret of success in business: Satisfied Clients

Customer Service (24/7) makes the organizations outsmart the competition. In order to thrive and excel in the business, organizations need to cultivate a service culture across the board. You cannot afford to forget the customer once you take the check.

Delighted and satisfied customers are your ambassadors and their referral can generate more business than you can handle.

Lesson # 6
Make people Partners in business; they will be no more Pain!

If associates are treated like partners, they will own the organization. Allow them to grow as the company grows. If humans are treated as Resources and Capital meant to be consumed and used, they will act like leaches sucking away the vital veins of the organization and reaching out to the bone marrows. Sales & Marketing people employed on fixed salary work from 9 to 5. If they are partners in the profitability, they will sell even in dreams and will become killer sales machines……timeless and spaceless. Mediocres become Masterminds when they are involved.

Lesson # 7
Even zero has the value.

Zero is magical in character. It can multiply the value of any number if placed rightly. The lowest person in the organizational hierarchy can do wonders if he/she is put at the right place. And genius can ruin the whole game if placed wrongly. Matching of inherent talent with job description is critical for success of the organization.

Lesson # 8
Every one is born with potential of ‘vice & virtue’.

Every employee has both the qualities……the qualities of Rising & Falling in career. Which quality is dominant, determines your destiny. Certain attitudes will put a gravitational pull on you while others will make you ‘sky’s the beginning’ type.

Lesson # 9
Spiderman also takes the risk.

Jumping out of comfort zones, taking initiatives and playing with risks is what makes the difference. If you are stuck in the grooves of ‘safety’, you end up nowhere. The road from Good to Great is paved with taking initiatives. The biggest risk in life is to avoid the risk. Even Spiderman has to take the risk.

Lesson # 10
You need a loyal team to build Rocket Sales Corporation.

Great organizations are built by great teams and not by accident. Teams are built by reinforced trust, mutual respect, sharing and caring. The trust deficit among the team members erodes the team spirit. Build a great team; build a great organization.

Lesson # 11
If salesperson cannot read the paper in reverse, he/she is blind.

Every Sales & Marketing person has to keep his/her eyes and ears open to scan the information regarding prospects, competition and the market influencers. In the game of business, right information at the right time gives you ‘unfair’ advantage. Be the corporate Sherlock Holmes.

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  • Zee Waqar

    Your post is so great that I'll definitely watch the movie tonight!!

  • Sahib Karim Khan

    Good one Ashraf. Keep blogging & sharing your ideas 🙂


  • Anis Motiwala

    Dear Ashraf

    It is good that you shared your observations. I saw the movie last night. Apart from the off the film observations you have rightly pointed out, the crux of the movie is all the more important. That crux is the central theme of the movie.

    In few words: The main message is that, Organizations thrive on Values and the Strategic approach is geared to building institutions rather than focusing on making money (making partners, holding high values, making the customer happy at all times, being loyal not only to customers but also to your supply chain etc are all pointers towards this)… the movie gives a true layman portrayal of Jim Collin's Visionary Companies.
    Anis Motiwala

  • Anonymous

    where to purchase you book at lahore
    craft of selling 'yourself'


    Ali Raza

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